What happened to the ballerbusters instagram account? | Who made @ballerbusters account?

UPDATE 8/21: They are back, check out @ballerbusters on instagram and twitter for all future content.

As of August 17, 2019 the @ballerbusters instagram account has vanished from instagram. We currently do not have an explanation or reason for the accounts disappearance. One would guess/hope it was against their will since they were doing a great job of proving certain instagram ‘ballers’ were faking their success and trying to display a fake way of life on social media. We hope to see the account back up soon and continuing to compile the proof that works to stop people from falsifying their success, and preying on the uninformed using social media.

Just some of the ways that people were ‘busted’ including proving a penthouse was an airbnb rental and not owned as claimed, showing private jet photos to be paid photo ops and not real flights, and showing the mass disorganization and dissatisfaction of some paid mentor programs.

We would love to have tracked and be able to share all of the specific individuals that were busted by the account so far, but any notes taken before the account was taken down were not adequate. We were happy to see Arya Toufanian mentioned, who we have already written about. A few others we can recall are @evanluthra, @jetsetfly, and @maxtrubitski. We would rather not mention names without the proof that was supplied but the facts mentioned by baller busters do all still remain out there.

Who made the account?

The identity of who created and ran the account was kept hidden by design, but we do know a few details from various statements made by the account. There were several claims that the account was ran by around 5 people and not a single individual. Its also basically safe to say that these individuals were knowledgeable in a few modern industry’s, or at least competent enough to recognize a scammer pretty easily.

Profile Photo Explained

The accounts profile picture, shown above, featured a comedic use of the classic Louis Vuitton pattern as a background and the Supreme logo style Futura font and colors. The face used is actually that of Anish Bhatt aka @watchanish, but someone using the account previously said that choice was made just because they thought it was funny.

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