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3 Non Traditional Uses of Instagram Accounts

With news that Rick Rubin was in Wyoming helping/preventing Kanye West from releasing his announced Jesus is King album this Friday, the way Rick Rubin uses his personal instagram account led to this WIP article.

Everyone knows the normal and expected way to use instagram: Post photos every so often, comment and like others photos, etc. While the app has grown to include private messages and snapchat-like temporary stories, some people have decided to use the app in completely abnormal ways for their own reasons. Here are a few of those ways below.

1. Large Profile Grid Photos

The most recent example that I have seen of this shown above was on a new brand started by Even Mock. Pretty simple to understand, by cropping a large photo into pieces you can show the full version on your instagram profile grid view. This has been done plenty of times in different capacities, and we will update some examples when we remember. I am not sure if its possible to know the first person to ever do this, but I am sure they were excited at completing the concept.

2. Temporary Posts

Back to the original Rick Rubin reference, some have decided to only allow their content to be short lived. Lately Rick Rubin posts one single quote text photo a day, right after deleting the photo from the day before. It does create a bit of significance and importance behind the content being posted.

Artist Daniel Arsham used to put the current date in his bio every single day, a similar daily view on the instagram platform.

While not as organized or dependable, there are several people who treat their instagram account content as temporary. There has been several rappers who regularly delete all of their posts and replace years of content with 1 post, obviously bringing all attention to the new single post. the late XXXTENTACION’s account has had 1 single post for a while, although his account has posted some promo content that lived on his account temporarily.

Static Single Use Profile

This is another tactic that has been done in a few different ways over the years, but we have one recent example to show. Artist Ryder Ripps semi recently made a new account for the sole purpose of existing as his artistic portfolio, uploading all of the content at once and then using the link to present the portfolio. Named @ig.portfolio, there are slideshows videos and captions explaining his most valued artistic work. It is truly a artists portfolio presented in an instagram account style. Considering the fact that many people understand how to consume information and art in instagram style, it’s a pretty good idea.

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