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Who is Alice Klomp?

Alice Rebecca Klomp is 20 years old and has nearly one million followers on instagram. Alice Klomp goes by the username @pineapplebrat on her social media, but her real name is known and she uses it. She focuses on womens fitness and the majority of her posts are either at the gym or in fitness clothing.

Apart from having a pineapple tattoo on her upper thigh, we aren’t exactly sure where her pineapple brat name came from, although pineapple does have a lot of positive symbolism and pineapplebrat does sound pretty cool.

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Alice offers fitness advice included specific work out descriptions, and details her own workouts on most posts. She also tags and includes several fitness products in her posts, which she does tag each as an #ad. Based on her current 940k follower count, she likely gets paid or compensated thousands of dollars for each of these posts.

She goes to Michigan State University, and may have majored in advertising or graphic design. Her seems to be currently dating Alex Bozinovski who is a bodybuilder and also went to MSU.

Alice Klomp has a sub reddit dedicated to her photos, although the description claims “For all the fans of sexy Alice Klomp” so it seems pretty clearly to consist of guys who find her attractive instead of other girls who enjoy her fitness content and knowledge. Apart from reposting her instagram posts, there are several of her snapchat story screenshots added as well.

Some have called her the ‘snapchat girl’ as she is often featured on the discover page of snapchat, which shows various accounts and content without having to add them as a friend.

There has been some claims that she photoshops her photos but we dont believe the accusations..

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