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Who is Zack Bia?

November 10, 2018

Zack Bia is a guy in his 20s who appears to be very well connected while very little is publicly known about him. A lot of people seem to ask why is Zack Bia famous? He has a public instagram account where he posts somewhat frequently although he seems to have deleted or archived any posts prior to 2017. Apart from posing with some very well known people such as Drake, Ian Connor, Luke Sabet, Smokepurpp, Jaden Smith, G-eazy and more; his posts get comments from tons of celebrities including Diplo and The Weeknd.

Zack Bia is usually wearing many of the most popular streetwear brands around the world including very rare items as soon as they are available, or even some what are not even for sale anywhere. Bia’s account currently has 143k followers, which is not a lot at all considering the company he spends time with but that very company speaks for itself.

Previously Zack Bia gained some national attention for being seen and basically officially dating Madison Beer. Madison Beer has been gaining tons of attention and celebrity for her singing and modeling, and currently has over 11.5 million followers on instagram. When she was a young teenager Justin Beiber reposted one of her youtube singing videos, and she has been gaining popularity very quickly ever since. At time of writing it seems that Bia And Beer may no longer be together, after a couple public arguments, although they seem to still be on good terms and very well may still be together..

Zack Bia is very likely from and or lives in Los Angeles, CA based on where he is usually seen and photographed. Still, he also seems to travel a lot based on other photos and the people he has met. He also has several photos while on private jets.

Working for John Terzian

Based on instagram posts made by Bia himself, and comments on a few post it seems like Bia officially works for John Terzian, who is very successful and known for his $35 Million nightclub and restaurant business.

Terzian’s business is based in Los Angeles and he himself is known for hosting super famous individuals in his clubs. The connection between Bia and Terzian certainly makes sense when considering the huge list of celebrities that Bia is pictured with, although we wouldn’t say that Terzian should be credited with Bias popularity.

According to this site he may have gone to USC at some point but again very little is known about his past or current status.

The photo above was from a set at Coachella 2018. Knowing who Zack Bia is basically means you know the right people.

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