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Who is Arya Toufanian?

October 31, 2018

Arya Toufanian is a guy in his late 20s who can make a lot of people curious about who he is, where his money came from, and what he actually does. He has 108k followers on instagram, and a source tells us that he paid to get his account verified.

Arya claims to be the founder of Imshmacked, and while he didn’t start the identity on his own, he is in complete control of it now. Read the complete history of Imshmacked: The Full Story of the Rise and Fall.

During late Summer of 2018, Arya started to bring in a lot of attention for starting his @stocks program, and then another program called Arya Teaches. Both are now seemingly non existent and have left many people angry over the money they gave Arya for various packages involved with these programs. Read our story detailing the @stocks program: Is Arya Toufanian’s @stocks Program a Scam?

While there have been a few times Arya has made significant amounts of money from each of the ventures he has been involved with, it is known that his parents and family are wealthy.

Full update coming, check back soon.

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