Who is Arya Toufanian?

August 19, 2018

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Arya toufanian is the co-founder of Imsmacked. Imsmacked is a company which claims to organize the most happening parties in colleges. Over the last couple of years, the company has got consistent social media coverage due to the party videos which they post online. Some of their videos even garnered more than 2.5 million views. Similarly, their Instagram and Twitter following has been growing at a rapid pace as well. Most of the videos are uploaded to their official YouTube channel which has more than 40,000 subscribers since it’s started. One of the most popular videos on their YouTube channel is with the title name “Signs She wants the d”. They are also very popular on Facebook and twitter. Their Facebook page has now more than 110,000 likes and follower on Facebook.

About Imsmacked:

Arya toufanian being the co-founder of the company is also the face of the company. That is why; he is always in the center of the action, whenever his company organizes the parties among colleges.

Imsmacked has become a batch of social honor for most of the colleges. The students in these colleges are trying to outdo each other in terms of the parties which they threw. This is the reason why the company has been able to get constant requests from colleges all over the country to host a party. Moreover, the company also flims these parties as well. The clips which are often uploaded to social media are going viral and as a result, the company is able to garner even more publicity and a higher number of requests for organizing parties as well. His company o most popular in high school and college students. Eight out of Ten college teens know Imsmacked. In 2012, New York Times also published a detailed article on Arya toufanian and his company Imsmacked. Company has also received huge investments from different advertising and marketing companies. One of the biggest investments they received recently is $400,000.

About Arya toufanian:

Arya toufanian has always been at the center of this idea. He founded the company while still at George Washington University. Over the years, as the company grew, his popularity grew as well. Even though he has not been able to stay out of trouble but nevertheless, he is widely popular among college students because of his company.

At just 25 years of age, he has become one of the most popular celebrity entrepreneurs among college students. There are a few reasons for his fame, one is Instagram sensation Madison Louch, she is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram, @madds. They both dated for a long time.  The second reason is that in 2014, using twitter he tried to threaten a reporter.  In 2014, his partner Yofray Ray apologized on Facebook for Arya’s behavior. He said Arya is no more the part of company. After threatening a business insider reporter and a fallout, there were claims by some that Arya was no longer directly involved with Im Smacked.

His company directly targets the college students as they organize parties across some of the biggest campuses in the United States. Moreover, with the release of the videos on social media, the company, as well as the parties, becomes more and more popular as well. Students often wait a long period of time in order to get their antics captured in these party videos which are then released on social media. That is why the parties are often over-the-top rather than being subtle. While some might turn these parties as raucous but Arya toufanian has time and again stated that they do not encourage any unruly behavior in their parties.

Arya toufanian has made it completely clear that his company just flims the parties rather than control the content or the behavior of the audience in the parties. This is the reason why the college students actually prefer these parties. There are no limitations of the rules in the parties. This is one of the main reasons why students are able to easily enjoy the parties which are thrown by Imsmacked.

Over the years, Arya toufanian has converted Imsmacked into the most happening party organizer. So much so that, the company is now valued at over $ 5 million. This is because of the sheer demand by the colleges as well as the campuses all over the country to organize the party in their campus. Moreover, with the flair of social media, these parties are much more grander as compared to any other parties which are organized in college campuses. That is why the company has a dedicated clientele which wants them to organize parties again and again on their campus. All the credit goes to Arya toufanian who has been able to create a brand out of the company rather than just another event management company.

Arya toufanian has been able to convert a simple idea of organizing parties on the college campus into an entire business. He has been able to create a demand for the party organizing business for his company on a consistent basis. Many well-known DJ’s and singers perform in college parties organized by them. DJ NIGHTMRE (Tyler Marenyi) has also performed at many parties organized by Arya toufanian.

Very few 25-year-olds are able to create a company which is valued at over $ 5 million. That is why it is a testament to the business acumen of Arya toufanian. The company is also growing at a brisk pace which ensures that in the years to come, it might expand to other verticals as well in order to organize the most happening parties all over the United States.

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