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Who is Arya Toufanian?

On January 5, 2019

Arya Toufanian is a guy in his late 20s who can make a lot of people curious about who he is, where his money came from, and what he actually does. He currently has 120k followers on his verified instagram account, although we have heard that he paid to get his account verified a while back.

You may have recently seen him pulling strange tricks on Imshmacked instagram posts to get more people to follow his personal account set as private in order to see the claimed ending of a video, or something similar. The actual follow up posts or ending of videos never exist, and are straight scams that end up getting Arya actual thousands of followers each time.

As we develop this story and gather more facts, recently a source who had worked close with Arya Toufanian for two years told us we were missing the psychological state of mind that Arya is in over all, saying:

“He manipulates kids. Uses girls. Scams and frauds his own family.”

Arya very publicly claims to be the founder of Imshmacked, and while he didn’t start the identity on his own, he is in complete control of it now. Read the complete history here Imshmacked: The Full Story of the Rise and Fall.

During late Summer of 2018, Arya started to bring in a lot of attention for starting his @stocks program, and then another program called Arya Teaches. Both are now seemingly non existent and have left many people angry over the money they gave Arya for various packages involved with these programs. Read our story detailing the @stocks program: Is Arya Toufanian’s @stocks Program a Scam?

While there have been a few times Arya has made significant amounts of money from each of the fleeing ventures he has been involved with, it is known that his parents and family have been wealthy.

Connection to Fyre Festival

No, Arya was not involved with the disastrous creation of the Fyre festival. We have learned that Arya and Imshmacked were bidding against fuckjerry to be the advertising and marketing platform for the Fyre Festival. We all know that Billy Mcfarland went with fuckjerry, which led Arya to later claim he knew Billy was a scam all along…

Early Imshmacked Antics

We were recently told a brief story that in some ways summarizes the way Arya was handling the early profits from imshmacked events and its investors.

Back in the early days of imshmacked Arya withdrew $9,999 from a bank account, and then went to deposit it into a new different banks account “just for fun because it was $1 short of the IRS limit”. He handed his phone to the bank teller in order to supply his EIN tax number, and then he got a text message causing the banker to tell him that “his drug dealer just texted him”.   

Madds relationship

Arya and Madison Louch aka @madds previously had some sort of relationship. Madds played at some early imshmacked events and they had some sort of friendship or dating relationship but we are not sure of the specifics yet. We have learned that it turned bad and led to Madds actually getting a restraining order against Arya as shown in her own insta story post below.

According to mylife.com Arya has a 0/5 personal rating, check this review out right here.

Updates coming, check back soon. Get in touch if you have info.

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