The NELK Boys kick out 90 Jason Pagaduan @905 Shooter, Is This Why?

Earlier today the official @nelkboys instagram and snapchat accounts posted the same screenshot of a letter announcing that one of the original members 90 or Jason Pagaduan would ‘no longer be a part of NELK’. See the full post below, and notice the comments were turned off on the post.

There are some theoriesfloating around that it had something to do with stealing money or Steve’s girlfriend, but this is only mentioned by random tweets and comments right now. The news comes after the Season 2 finale video was released yesterday, and people noticed 90 was absent from almost the entire second half of the video.

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A message to our fans.. NELK Season 3 coming very soon!

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Apparently 90 had posted a instagram photo yesterday of the entire NELK boys group that has now been deleted, which adds to the suspicion that this was against his plans. Still, there have been plenty of claims that 90 acted annoyed in public or for whatever reason was not totally on board with the recent content produced.

Some youtube comments try to claim he was stealing money:

Youtube comment claims

There are claims on both Reddit and Twitter that it had something to do with Steve’s girlfriend, but there does not seem to be any proof yet. Also worth mentioning that Steve got a 90 tattoo pretty recently..

Reddit thread ’90 is gone’

Stay tuned here for on updates on the situation of 90 being kicked out of NELK and contact us now if you have any info to supply.

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