Who is Stephen Liao? @credit On Instagram And Young Credit Card Advisor

Stephen Liao, who has the super vanity instagram handle of @credit, is growing his social media influence while also offering very interesting advice and knowledge on credit card usage. He appears to be in his 20s or younger*, and appears to be living very well as his instagrams posts will show. He has been the first that we know of to monetize his instagram account in a unique way that we will mention below.

Although Stephen Liao does focus on using his platform of 162k+ followers on instagram to spread credit knowledge, a lot of his posts show off his lavish lifestyle and even show a bit of a Dan Bilzerian style post theme of multiple girls and travel posts. Liao has been to at least one of Bilzerian’s parties before. He has also been featured on Tai Lopez’s platforms explaining his credit advice and knowledge. He has claimed to have over 200 credit cards and apparently benefits greatly from his usage and creation of all these accounts.

While some of Stephen Liao’s past and actual financial history is unknown, we are assuming he has a source of income or previous sources of wealth that allow him to live the lifestyle he has. It would be hard to believe he lives off of credit cards and transferring balances between them without actual income but we plan to research this.*

The interesting instagram monetization we mentioned before is @credit or Stephen Liao’s use of the semi new ‘close friends’ feature of instagram. Liao has been charging $1,000 to be added to his close friends list, where he offered exclusive information and tips on various credit usage, such as how to get annual fees refunded or waived on various credit cards. Based on his screen shots there seems to be a decent amount of people buying into this program and based on Liao’s track record we have plenty of reason to believe the information he provides is valuable and his paying clients are happy with their purchase.

Check back soon for full write up.

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