Who is Matt Digiacomo?

Known for its oversized and comfortable trendy style, streetwear is one of the most popular aesthetics. And if you’re interested in this fashion style, then you know of Chrome Hearts and its creative director Matt Digiacomo. 

So, who is Matt Digiacomo? What makes Chrome Hearts pieces so special? Keep on reading to find out. 

Matt Digiacomo’s Creativity

The LA-based illustrator is one of the latest creatives to collaborate with Chrome Hearts to produce his signature line, Sex Records. Digiacomo introduced his California-inspired line, adding a new edge to the family-owned and run Chrome Hearts. 

Sex Records is a fashion style inspired by the Mod Culture, which became popular in the late 80s after spreading from London to the rest of the world. The line, which made its first appearance in a New York fashion week, is famous for its bright electric colors and its unapologetic celebration of uniqueness while providing a modern remix of Chrome Hearts’ traditional fashion with some elements that belong to the 90s and early 2000s. 

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Just like the brand’s founder, Digiacomo has always been in what the brand represents; something that stands out. Doing what he does because he likes it, he was able to apply his signature and make it noticeable, attracting more celebrities to try the brand. 

Sex Records involves a lot of items, from traditional apparel to a customized Vespa. It even included an office chair that creatives would buy to celebrate the Mod era. 

This line is different from other Chrome Heart’s creations, which celebrate the skate culture because it represents the world as Matt Digiacomo sees it. Since he is an illustrator, lips and eyes play a significant role in his designs. There are also a lot of cartoon-inspired pieces, in addition to the noticeable influence of the West Coast culture. 

The Sex Records line involves several awe-inspiring pieces like the sunglasses that come with the U LIE’N Speed Freak toy car, t-shirts, jeans, beanies, leather vests, and even CH branded toilet paper. 

An Expensive Statement

While there’s no solid information about the net worth of Matt DiGiacomo, it’s known that the brand and his line, Sex Records, don’t come cheap. A plain t-shirt costs a little more than $700, while Bella Hadid’s pants cost as much as $10,000. If this is not high enough, you can try the pants that caught the attention of Kylie Jenner for a whopping $15,000. 

One of the reasons why Chrome Hearts is so expensive is that people do what they do because they want to. They’re making a statement, and this explains the limited number of customized items they produce. 

A Celebrities’ Favorite

Chrome Hearts was born in the heart of Hollywood, and ever since it started, it’s been a celebrity’s favorite, attracting fashionable icons with its trendy and innovative style. 

Founder Richard Stark started this business as a startup from his garage in the late 80s, and although it’s still a family-run business, collaborations with creatives like Matt Digiacomo have added a lot to the brand’s name. 

Stark and his wife started attracting attention when they launched the handmade biker’s look, which was a hit among the rockstars in the late 80s. This allowed the brand to work with names like the Rolling Stones and Guns n’Roses. 

Later, the brand launched new pieces that celebrated skate culture and attracted names like Matt LeBlanc, Jay-Z, Bella Hadid, Big Show, Cher, Drake, and the late Virgil Abloh, who designed the iconic bench, which brings the brand out of the closet and extends it into the customer’s living space. 

Celebrities mainly like the craftsmanship of the brand and its attention to detail, which makes it stand out among other luxury brands. Chrome Heart has released a lot of iconic pieces, including leather jackets, t-shirts, and jewelry, but their most popular pieces are their edgy hats. 

Wrap Up

Celebrated for its exclusivity, Chrome Hearts has always been a celebrities’ favorite, and its collaboration with Matt Digiacomo doesn’t fall short of the expectations. His line Sex Records is a unique addition that celebrates the Mod era with some elements from the West Coast culture and has immediately caught the attention of several names because of its creativity. 

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