Who Is Joy Divizn? Aka Phoenix Guerrero

Joy Divizn, real name Phoenix Guerrero, has established himself in the streetwear fashion world as a genuine multi disciplinary artist here to stay.

Phoenix Guerrero, aka Joy Divizn and Everything You Need to Know About Him

At the age of 24, Phoenix Guerrero is known to be a famous artist, entrepreneur, and social media figure. He currently has more than 177 thousand followers on his Instagram page and more than 32 thousand followers on his Twitter account.

Many YouTube videos show him sharing his fashion and music style, some embarrassing memories of his childhood, or his live feeds from his Instagram. 

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In this article, we’ll talk more about his creative work and style. So, keep on reading to learn more about him. 

The Beginnings

Phoenix Guerrero was born and raised in the US in 1997, and his first social media post was a picture of his reflection in a window in 2015. Over the years, his laid-back fashion style and retro appreciating behavior have caught tens of thousands of followers, especially those who want to know about the rap scene and the “It” crowd in the music and fashion industry. 

Better known for this social media nickname Joy Divizn, he has posted some successful streams, and one of them was a leaked rap music video. More than 200,000 people watched this video. 

Little is known about his family, but in 2018, he posted a photo of his mother and younger brother enjoying a meal at a restaurant. He is famous for being friends with many celebrities who love his artistic style and usually posts videos of them, including Bella Hadid and The Weekend. 

Creative Collaborations

According to this bio, Phoenix Guerrero is a creative director and has successfully collaborated with names like Ian Connor and Playboi Carti. Joy Divizn shared his artistic fashion sense with both fashion icons, helping them introduce streetwear fashion that offered something different. 

With Ian Connor, Joy has worked on the Sicko brand. Sicko brand continues were seen wearing the limited release items from the line, including names like Virgil Abloh. 

As a matter of fact, Phoenix Guerrero played a role in promoting this brand through his social media posts, especially after the Born from Pain collection received negative reviews due to its pricing. 

In addition to his interest in streetwear fashion, Guerrero is a talented filmmaker, often shooting ads for his close friends and their companies. He always opts for the retro style, shooting on archived cameras like Super 8 and Arriflexsr2, in addition to VHS camcorders to show off the 90s style. He also has his own brand, Vizn, which is a collection of all this creative work. 

His Style

It’s hard to describe Phoenix Guerrero’s artistic style. Some would say that it’s quite chaotic, while others would say that it’s inspirational. It’s no doubt that despite his young age, Guerrero has attracted a lot of attention to his work, talent, and even looks. 

He’s successful because he’s genuine. He’s got the vision and the taste, and he’s not short on the motive to show them off to the whole world, despite his young age. 

Guerrero often talks about his childhood and previous times in his life that led to his present and his take on streetwear fashion. He is one of the most well-known prodigy artists, and there’s definitely a lot that he still has to offer. 

Wrap Up

Despite his young age, Phoenix Guerrero has become one of the most popular names in the underground world of art. He has already shared some of his talents, but there’s definitely more to come in the years to follow. At this point his net worth in dollars is estimated at $1m.

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