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Who is Benjamin Edgar?

Benjamin Edgar is a young designer, entrepreneur, and trailblazer who was born in the Midwest. He is best known for his imaginative, creative ideas that he is able to depict in his art. Edgar claims that he designs objects and has an ongoing project called “An Object Company” to put the visualizations into tangible objects. 

His products are a culmination of a decade’s worth of research and working with a variety of processes and products. The goal of his present project is to create objects out of virtually anything. The material can range from marble to cotton, each piece specifically characterized by the design and fabric used. 

Full NameBenjamin Edgar Gott
BornMidwest, USA
Based InLos Angeles, CA
Net Worth$1.5 Million
OccupationObject Designer
Official Websitebenjaminedgar.com

He doesn’t just make clothes but rather specializes in the art of different objects. This can be a vase for your home or a unique, one-of-a-kind pair of pants. His goal is to find a balance between the useful and useless, practically creating art from the things that surround him.

Benjamin Edgar has involved himself in a multitude of projects ranging from the practical to the prolific. He has worked with other designers and artists who support his vision and image. Although there is not much about him on the internet, his work explains who he is and what he believes in by itself.  

Early Life

Benjamin Edgar began working as an entrepreneur and businessman at the age of 17. He had no formal training or education when it came to the business realm, teaching himself the strings as he went. Edgar managed to learn about the intricacies of software development; the ability to professionally merge information, architecture, and design; and more. 

At first, he found that his innovations and creative mind were deemed as unfit for the corporate world. He didn’t find much success in this area. So, he decided to abandon the corporate business system and pursue his entrepreneurial limits. Whilst doing this, Edgar also worked on THE BRILLIANCE! which is a cultural blog he started alongside Chuck Anderson and Virgil Abloh in 2005. 

One prominent characteristic of Edgar that led him to start a new project every time one failed or didn’t live up to his expectations is his drive. As seen in most of his career, Edgar never shied away from pushing his limits and forcing those around him to do the same. 

Even when his ideas were not appreciated nor understood, he took it upon himself to continue to pursue them using his own resources. Nothing would stop his vision and the expectations he held for himself. Not even a corporate world that was wary to the idea of projects like “An Object Company”. 

Edgar’s entrepreneurial style is quite different from his peers. In a magazine interview, he said that “When you create really, really great products that you’re happy about and that you think solve a problem, the business is the result of that. It’s not why you started it. I don’t think people start great companies to make a bunch of money.” This mentality has led him to choosing his creative ideas over everything else.   


There have been many ups and downs in Benjamin Edgar’s career. Considering it began when he was only 17 and he is now inching to 40, he underwent growth, changes, and development that can be seen and appreciated in his work. Aside from THE BRILLIANCE! And “An Object Company”, Edgar also founded Boxed Water in 2009 as an alternative to the waste that plastic bottles produced. 

He considers Boxed Water as merely another “object” even though it is his most widely recognized project. In 2018, with his company Boxed Water is Better, he succeeded in planting 800,000 trees with the National Forest Foundation, net sales increased by 67%, and he had 9 million paid social media impressions. He also inspired many other people, like Jaden Smith, to create their own boxed water brands to promote sustainability and change.  

He also created thoughts.com in 2017, which serves as a peer-to-peer education service. Edgar focuses on tangible solutions for problems he believes plagues most people. Benjamin is widely considered a jack of all trades, which he contemplates, “But maybe it’s just that I continue as a person to be random and work on a million things, but I hire people that are specialists to run things while I sit as a chairman. The reality is, being a specialist, I don’t think I am. So, it’s kind of a square peg, circle hole type thing. I just wouldn’t be good at it.”  

He knows what he excels in and utilizes every possible resource to accomplish a goal that takes over his mind. This is why he has been able to connect with likeminded creatives, encourages new and fresh ideas, and shares his products with the masses. 


It was no secret that Benjamin Edgar had close and working relationships with both Chuck Anderson and Virgil Abloh. Chuck Anderson is an artist and entrepreneur, and Virgil Abloh was an American fashion designer and entrepreneur. He teamed up with both of them in a few creative endeavors due to their similar ways in thinking and creation. 

Chuck Anderson is a graphic designer who created No Pattern Studio Chicago, which displays his visual art and designs. He has worked with top brands like Nike, Apple, Twitter, Google, Sony, Microsoft, and more, generating a net worth of $1.5 million. 

Virgil Abloh was a famous fashion designer who worked alongside huge names like Louis Vuitton, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Ralph Lauren, and more. Though he has recently passed, his legacy lives on in his shows, designs, and products. 

Benjamin Edgar had a close relationship with both entrepreneurs, leading to the growth and success of all three careers. Through them, he was able to connect with celebrities and big-name brands to share and promote his work. Benjamin Edgar is a creator who is best known for thinking out the box, which, in turn, makes us all want to think out of the box.  

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