Who Is Matt George? Yeezy CEO

In 2015, Yeezy was launched as a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. And although West is the mastermind behind the brand, he goes to people like Matt George for business advice. 

Matt George is one of the somewhat hidden names in the world of streetwear while he has collaborated with various high profile brands. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about him, so keep on reading. 

Matt George Instagram Account

From Toronto to LA and Everything in Between

Matthew George was born in Toronto, and since the early 2000s, he has been providing creative and business consultation to various streetwear brands. 

According to his Linkedin profile, George identifies himself as a strategic advisor, and there’s no doubt that his on-point advice has helped several brands secure their spot in the world of streetwear and sportswear fashion. 

His journey started with GoodFoot, which he founded in April 2000. The brand introduced comfortable basics, with influences from the American streetwear scene, and soon enough, it became one of the most popular brands in the Canadian market. 

Later on, he founded and provided consultation to Ransom, a leader in the apparel business, successfully selling this brand’s items in more than 200 global stores. But his business consultations were not restricted to the fashion world, as he also provided consultation to Waiola Life, which sells organic coconut-based products. 

He is the Co-owner of Stussy Canada, helping the California brand expand into Canadian markets. Starting this effort back in 2006, Matt George has successfully introduced the American streetwear culture staple to the laid-back Canadian fashion scene, where it became a huge success

Although some of his creative endeavors were put on hold due to market changes, like GoodFoot, his talent and dedication made him one of the most sought-after names in the world of style. 

Working with Yeezy

Matt George became a strategic advisor to Kanye West, founder of Yeezy, in 2018. Thanks to his efforts, the annual sales grew from $15 million to $1.2 billion. George officially became the CEO of YEEZY in September 2018.

According to his LinkedIn profile, this position ended in March 2022.

After joining forces with Yeezy, Matt George has helped Kanye West secure one of his most successful collaborations with GAP. The new Cody-based company is to offer new jobs in the Park County community and will make the brand’s items more accessible. 

West has always stated that his goal was to make fashion that was out of space and time and to create timeless yet practical items. Matt George has always guided him until he was able to secure this collaboration. 

This new collaboration also benefited GAP. After the successful negotiations and partnership, the deal resulted in a $4 billion overnight market cap in GAP stocks. In addition, Yeezy is currently one of the fastest-growing brands in the streetwear scene. 

Matt George and Virgil Abloh

Expanding Stussy

Despite working on various projects, it seems that Stussy holds a special place in Matt George’s heart. Ever since he founded Stussy, he has always been working on ways to expand it. As a result, his brand now includes 10 different Canadian entities, all offering high-end streetwear. 

Over the years, Stussy has been well-received due to one thing that Matt George is known for, consistency. Although there’s no solid information about his net worth, some sources estimate that his net worth is between $1 and $5 million. Most of his earnings came from his work for Yeezy. 

Footwear Factory Venture: EVA USA LLC

The most recent venture by Matt George appears to be a footwear factory named EVA USA LLC. The instagram account and website claim: The largest injection molded footwear factory in the USA.

An obvious connection here could be this factory is going to produce the various injection mold designs YEEZY has put out, among other brands also following in this trend.

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EVA USA LLC (@evausallc) • Instagram photos and videos

Wrap Up

People like Matt George might not always be under the spotlight, but they provide the right fuel to the fashion industry and other artistic projects. George has successfully worked with some of the most famous streetwear brands, but his most successful collaboration was with Yeezy. He still holds his position as the co-owner of Stussy, which introduced the West Coast vibes to the Canadian market. 

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