What Does Justin Bieber Watch On Netflix? We Have Proof

Does Justin Bieber watch Netflix? Want to know what shows Justin Bieber watches on Netflix? We have the answer for you. At least what he was watching yesterday at the end of March 2020.

For someone who has a Netflix show about himself from back in 2010, and a new YouTube exclusive show, apparently Justin Bieber still watches popular Netflix shows like the majority of the youth in the world.

This is pretty random but stay with me: someone sent a screenshot of Steph Curry’s Instagram live feed yesterday afternoon, where Justin commented that he was going to go watch ozark. Obviously meaning the Netflix original series Ozark.

Here is the screenshot from the live feed:

An interesting piece is that the new 3rd season was released today, or 1 day later after the comment was made. Was Justin catching up before the new season release? Re-watching to better enjoy the new season? Special access to the new season? We don’t know.

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