Who is John Shahidi, President of Full Send, @shahidi on Instagram, @john on Instagram

John Shahidi is pretty under the radar and keeps his secondary instagram account private despite being followed but some huge accounts like the Nelk Boys main characters and Justin Bieber.

His other instagram account @John has 1m followers and he is pretty active.

After having some minor success in app development John and his brother Sam Shahidi shifted to content creation and made some successful content pieces and series working with people like Jake Paul and Lele Pons while getting investments from Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber.

The company they had formed, Shots Studio, ended up partnering with The Nelk Boys to help them monatize their following and brand Full Send.

John ended up becoming the President of Full Send and most recently is said to have partnered on their new Happy Dad hard Seltzer…

As explained in the video below, he also manages other artists such as YG. And he is writing a book about how to make money with a following, with a focus on smaller creators.

John seems to be doing well for himself while choosing to stay under the radar. Low profile.

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