Who Is George Heaton? The History Of Represent

George Heaton is a 28 year old fashion designer and brand owner from England who started Represent Clothing. George’s intense focus on physical health and competition in the clothing brand industry drive him to create the best version of himself and Represent.

The brand Represent ended up being a final project for graphic design major in college, although George was also working on the brand while in college – creating the early designs, shipping orders, and starting to gain momentum.

Represent was started by both George Heaton and his brother Michael Heaton, although George is a bit more public online with a larger and more engaged following.

The brand has now grown to $20m in sales in 2021 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Full NameGeorge Heaton
Born InHorwich, Manchester England
Net Worth$30m
OccupationFashion Designer & Founder
instagram @georgeheaton

Focus On Fitness

George has a real focus on physical fitness not only in his own life, but now in his brands products with Represents new 247 line of fitness focused clothing.

This focus on health with daily fitness and other healthy habits help drive the mentality and drive needed to grow the brand Represent into the worldwide success that it now is.

After completing the 75 hard program challenge, George basically adopted the habits from the program into his daily life without much deviation. This includes 2 workouts a day, no alcohol, a diet, and more.

Growth Of Represent

As mentioned the brand was started as a side project while in college, but has since been not only a career but a life long mission to “build the best brand in the world“.

One of the early successes was a series of slim fit jeans. George has said he knew what jeans he wanted to wear but couldn’t find a great product in the market at the time so they made their own denim line under Represent. These jeans would sell out each time they dropped them and helped them grow quickly in the beginning to reach large number of new customers.

Another major milestone was when Represent dropped the first 247 pants in 2020. In a podcast George mentioned that previously pants would sell around 500 pairs per drop but after ramping up production qualities they dropped the new 247 pants and sold over 10,000 pairs immediately.

The 247 pants, which has now grown to a full sub-line for the brand, had a great roll out and promo period when they dropped them.

The owners club products, pictured below, have also become very successful and can be seen all around the world included countless celebrities.

George Heaton has become very successful with Represent but shows no signs of slowing down claiming each day to be ‘fully committed’ to the mission of creating the best brand in the world.

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