Who is Ian Connor?

Ian Connor is a stylist, designer, and influencer who has been around for some time now and

Ian’s Sicko / Born From Pain brand has been his primary focus the last few years and has done seemingly well after a massive amount of hype fueling sell out drops from the very beginning. He has since ventured into collabs, pop ups, and other efforts to continue to progress of the brand.

Ian use the commonly compare himself to Nigo in the past. Only time will tell how far Sicko goes and what other future projects he is involved in.

Ian has had some controversy around him with several sexual based complaints but he has never been charged with anything based on the rumors. He has spent time in jail on gun charges.

Full NameIan Connor
BornNew York
BirthdayJanuary 2, 1993
OccupationStylist, Fashion Designer, Influencer
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Ian Connor Interview With Kerwin Frost 2019

First Sicko Drop November 2018

Virgil Abloh wearing unreleased Sicko

After the long promo period of several celebrities and musicians, such as Virgil Abloh pictured above, seen and photographed wearing pieces from the brand, the first pieces were available to the public last night. Ian Connor is the creator and no doubt a lot of his friends and connections wearing the pieces built up the hype before anything was released.

Last night, October 8 12:00am, a T shirt, hoody, and sweatshirt were released in 2 different color ways. The T shirt went for $120 and sweatshirt $220. Before it was morning everything was sold out. Ian has been providing updates and news about the brand from his twitter account.


No one knows if more pieces will come out at a later time or if this was it. Either way its pretty safe to say that the brand will continue to be pretty rare and the graphics will continue to stand out, especially in the colors that were never available for sale.

Although the graphic looks very unique compared to other text based graphics from around the current time period, the logo is heavily based on a vintage Bjork shirt:

You can check out the official website here at bornfrompain.jp

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