Who is Indy Blue?

Who is Indy Blue?

Indy Blue is an American social media personality from Utah. Her full name is India Blue Severe. She definitely has a sense of humor, explaining that with a name like that she’s “either destined to win a Nobel Prize, write a best selling novel, star in my own prime time reality show, or be a stripper or something. ” She’s known for her beautiful videos featuring her and her best friends taking seemingly extravagant trips all over the world. With this in mind, she insists that in reality, they’re quite affordable if you are, “willing to stay in hostels that sometimes have cockroaches.”

Indy in Spain: Credit to her instagram @indyblue_

How did Indy Blue become famous?

Indy Blue started created travel content when she was just 19 and never looked back. After going to Hawaii she apparently instantly planned 20 more exotic trips and continued to document all of it. In additional to her social media accounts she created her own website and more long form video edits, although she now focuses on Instagram.

Indy Blue recently had a son with her boyfriend Jackson Dunford in January of 2020.

Indy’s Content

Indy seems to connect with her followers on a different level than most personalities due to the fact that she posts genuine content and is always open about what’s going on behind the scenes of her videos. She promotes traveling and assures her followers that they can have the life that she lives. To elaborate, she writes on her website “…everywhere else I have traveled. I find a cheap flight and either stay with a friend, or a cheap air bnb.” Even more impressively, Indy explains that she even went to Hawaii for only $400 in travel expenses. A little different than Justin Beiber’s Hawaiian rental.

Check out one of her trips.

BAHAMAS from Indy Severe on Vimeo.

Her Motto

If you don’t realize that she’s a different type of ‘instagram famous’ girl, just check her website. She promotes herself as “the poster child for “social media obsessed, wanderlust driven, millennial”.

“And that’s why this blog is an extension of me. I’m not your typical blogger who plugs teeth whitening companies, and fitness tea. I don’t use affiliate links, I don’t get paid to post content. I just have a lot to say!” It’s clear that she’s more interested in traveling the world then peddling e-commerce products.

Indy Blue’s Latest Instagram Post @indyblue_

You can find her Instagram here, and her Vimeo here.

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