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Who is Holly Daze Coffey?

Holly Daze Coffey is an Australian professional surfer who has gained a lot of attention in the pro surfing world and on her instagram account. She has a few sisters who are all also serious surfers and have serious instagram accounts.

Holly has a family full of socially popular people and apparently have been offered TV show offers that they have turned down. The family is from Australia but does travel a lot to vacation but mostly to surf.


Holly Daze Coffey is 20 years old and her birthday is on February 24. She has over 800k followers on instagram right now and still growing. Based on some of her recent instagram posts she appears to be happily dating Jesse Weaver but we dont know much about him. Her family has been compared to the Kardashian family and the multiple sisters.

Her Instagram was recently suspended for some reason, but she has made a new one linked below.


She took the 1st place of the ASR Australian Junior Surfing title when she was 13 years old in 2009. She is currently signed to Billabong, Brandon Boards, Braking Wax and Von Zipper.

Her Sisters

Holly Daze Coffey is the middle child of her siblings between her older sister Ellie Jean Coffey, and her two younger sisters Ruby Lee Coffey and Bonnie Lou Coffey. The sisters also have a brother named Jackson who is a great surfer himself.

Holly and her sisters are also among the large number of girls who has ended up with their own sub reddit full of people reposting their social media posts with tons of wack titles and comments. They are all beautiful girls who are extremely talented surfers but of course the internet will focus on the revealing photos that may be posted.

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