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Is this the first Super Yacht of the Sky?

Private Jets are often considered the yachts of the sky and that may be a logical comparison, but not when you consider how the wealthy travel on a yacht. The super yachts of the world move very slowly and the owners and passengers simply enjoy their time aboard, with out any rush. Time spent on a yacht is about enjoying the trip and not the destination, while airplane or private jet travel is usually all about the destination.

The Airlander 10 is a new type of aircraft being built by Hybrid Air Vehicles to fill a new field in the air travel space. HAV recently achieved a important milestone in being granted a Design Organization Approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency, essentially giving HAV permission to move forward on a full flight test program towards getting full aircraft certification.

The massive 300 foot body of the craft fills with helium to help lift while a v8 diesel engine on each side powers the entire aircraft.Reaching a top speed of only 91mph it travels a fraction of the speed possible by jets, and capable of maintaining a flight for up 5-12 days from within the luxurious interior and you can start to see the comparisons to a yacht. Learn more and stay updated on the official Hybrid Air Vehicles website.

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