Who is Celebrity Vice?

Celebrity Vice has been a mysterious identity using instagram as a platform to share thoughts and ideas on fashion, celebrities, and world events. While we were tracking the history below, we will now present a general explanation on who this figure is and how they exist in the social media world.

Celebrity Vice has been a brutally honest voice for what has now been years on instagram. The facts of its history all support the main concept that the identity does simply not care for what can be considered normal social media strength. They are often imitated, and by that we mean others reposting content but also straight attempts at theft at the identity and name that is Celebrity Vice. At this time the current proven account is @whoiscelebrityvice after several account changes. We are going to leave the screenshot comment below as we build the full story.

UPDATE 1/02/19

We have been told by a reliable source that the original account got hacked and they lost control of it. Although there were countless imposters trying to gain attention by using the celebrity vice name in the interim, we have found the new account and it is on instagram as @celebrity.vice. While it may be impossible to confirm the identity of the previous vs new account, the new @celebrity.vice daily insightful posts and captions sure appear to come from the tone of the original creator. The new account is also already followed by Bella Hadid and features comments from Luke Sabet and others so all signs point towards truth. The person behind the account chooses to keep his name and personal identity separate with no intentions of personal gain, which only goes to show the integrity of celebrity vice.

The original account had almost 19,000 posts, but the creation of a new one gives little hope of recovering the previous account and all of its great content…

UPDATE 11/26/18

The @celebrity_vice instagram account seams to have been deleted or deactivated out of no where. When trying to find the page with thousands of posts and comments instagram throws a User Not Found error. As mentioned below, the person behind the page seemed to have an account previously called @hotelfashionland which stopped numerous daily posts out of no where back in 2016, but the account was not deleted like @celebrity_vice. If you go to the @hotelfashionland account, there are now people commenting asking what has happened, who knows what actually happened or if he will be back.


The instagram account @celebrity_vice is very impressive for quite a few reasons. When considering a social media standpoint the account is not only followed by some of the biggest names in fashion such as Virgil Abloh, but regularly has posted photos that get commented on by celebrities, models, athletes and designers. At time of writing the instagram bio reads:

⚡️Fashion, Fame and Facts⚡️ “You cannot have adoration without being criticized.”-Raf Simons

In addition to posting random on-street photos of various celebrities of all types, there are throw back posts, extensive coverage of almost every major event around the world, and various random modern news and political references.

While sometimes sharing a opinion based response in each photos caption, the written additions to each photo usually include facts and statements. When it comes to fashion the statements may be considered opinions but they appear to come from not only a valued source but an intelligent one. When posting a photo that offers some praise, as most do, you can expect to see the almost trademarked ‘✔️’ emoji as a symbol of approval from the mysterious account.

Unlike many social media accounts solely focused on influence and power, and usually ending up in an attempt to profit from the exposure, celebrity vice does not promote a web link in his profile or benefit from his social following in any way. It appears there is a community benefit to the content produced in the most generous way. There have been some comments implying involvement with the fashion and music industry in some formal manner. The person behind the account may very well be someone who is already known worldwide, but chooses to express their thoughts and expressions through this anonymous account for their own creative expression.

The unofficial but thought to be previous account identity was @hotelfashionland, which you can still find on instagram as un-private here. The formally frequent daily posts stopped immediately for no apparent reason, and it resulted in countless comments on recent posts wondering where the mysterious identity had gone, with some concern for their well being.

Maybe someday we will find out who is behind @celebrity_vice and @hotelfashionland, but at this rate its not looking very hopeful… and trust us he wants it that way.

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