Who is Aaron Steinberg? New Full Send Member

Aaron Steinberg is an Instagram influencer and co-worker of the famous YouTube personality and Nelk / Full Send member Steve Will Do It. He is now commonly known as just Steiny.

He has a fair Instagram following of his own of over 166k and is seen promoting the Nelk / Full Send content including new YouTube content and any recent merch drops on his account.

Aaron originally provided a bit of a behind the scenes look at Nelk Boys but most often just Steve Will Do It, who is officially worked for directly as an assistant.

Steiny has now become a pretty prominent member of Full Send now.

Full NameAaron Steinberg
Based InFlorida
Net Worth$150k

Stein’s old username on instagram was @aaronsteinberg5 but he upgraded to the sleek @steiny and got himself verified after he became a more legit member of Full Send.

Aaron Steinberg Age

Aaron’s age is not publicly known – our best guess is that he is 23 years old.

Aaron Steinberg Height

Steiny is estimated to be 5’6″ or 170cm tall. This is known due to very precise calculations from pictures where he is standing next to more commonly measured people.

Aaron Steinberg Dad

Bob Money has mentioned a few times that Aaron Steinberg’s dad is a lawyer, but there is not much known about exactly who he is or his career.

Aaron Steinberg And Steve Will Do It

Aaron started out working specifically for Steve Will Do It as his personal assistant for some time now and he thoroughly enjoyed the job. As he often claims on instagram with statements like “Working for this guy has been an absolute dream come true. Most generous person I have ever met.”

Now in September 2022 there is some tension between Aaron and Steve… Apparently Aaron sort of bailed on Steve when he went over to do the Full Send Podcast basically full time.

Aaron Steinberg On The Full Send Podcast

Steiny made his debut on one of the Full Send Podcast episodes and that is when he really started to gain popularity with the Full Send audience and start to grow his own fans.

Since appearing on the episode he has been a repeat host and shows no signs of slowing down.

Aaron pictured above with Celina Smith and Sophie Mudd.

Steiny with Post Malone after a Full Send Podcast Episode.

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