Who is Kai Bent-Lee?

Have you ever heard of the Lee brothers? They own a restaurant in Toronto that Drake was believed to be a partner in. Rings a bell?

While Canada is full to the brim with celebrities, the Lee family has been attracting a lot of eyes due to their close association with the acclaimed rapper Drake. But, is their restaurant the only reason they’re famous?

Let’s see what we can know about the older brother of the family, Kai Bent-Lee!

Kai Bent-Lee: A Full Biography

Kai Bent-Lee is a famous YouTuber who constantly uploads lifestyle vlogs and fashion tips on his channel. 

His channel was created in 2015, and he’s been collecting followers since then, which are now over 150k followers. His Instagram account is equally popular, packing more than 190k followers currently. 

Kai also owns a restaurant in Toronto called Fring’s, best known for being one of Drake’s favorite restaurant.

Part of Kai Bent-Lee’s fame is because of his father, who is an acclaimed celebrity chef called Susur Lee. Lee has three kids: Kai, Levi, and the youngest, Jet. Kai and Levi are both popular bloggers, and their Instagram accounts showcase their luxurious lifestyles.

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About Kai Bent-Lee’s Family

Kai and his brother, Levi, are living the dream life of any brothers. Their sleek cars and luxury-filled wardrobes speak for themselves, and being on Drake’s crew is the cherry on top of the cake.

Both brothers are famous thanks to their father, who’s considered a legendary chef in Toronto. So, before they were Instagram bloggers, they were restaurateurs. 

According to Kai, the brothers grew up in Little Italy, Toronto. They used to work at their father’s restaurants in the summer, namely Lee and Luckee, which taught them a lot about the restaurant business. 

Both brothers opened an eatery together in 2012, and they called it Bent. The eatery lies in Dundas Street West, and it was their start in the business world.

Three years later, they opened Fring’s in collaboration with the renowned rapper Drake. Drake has no official connection to the restaurant, but he reportedly picked its name

The restaurant’s launch was attended by plenty of celebrities, including Serena Wiliams, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Jaden Smith, to name a few. In fact, Drake DJed that party, which further intensified the restaurant’s fame.

What Is Kai Bent-Lee’s Net Worth?

While no one knows for sure, the net worth of the Canadian celebrity is thought to be $2–$4 millions as of 2022. A year before that, it was estimated at $1.5 million.

Lee earns most of his income from his restaurant. His salary is estimated to be from $500k to $1 million.

Kai Bent-Lee’s Fashion Career

According to Kai, he’s been obsessed with Nike since he’s been a little kid. Apparently, that’s when his interest in fashion began. He says that he particularly loved Implosions, a pair of shoes that got popular among tennis gurus. 

Kai started the fashion brand Strawberry and continues to release limited streetwear

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He claims he’s searched for his size for a long time to buy the shoes, but he was out of luck.

According to Lee, he started releasing a fashion line of jeans and hoodies at some point, and even uploaded an Instagram post about it. However, that was around the opening time of Fring’s, and he needed to focus on the restaurant. 

He says that fashion needs focus, and he can’t provide that considering he’s busy with his restaurant business.

Kai Bent-Lee Trivia

  • His height is 6’1 inches, which translates to around 175cm
  • His weight is 110 pounds
  • He was born on the 18th of October, 1991
  • He has two brothers
  • He’s the son of acclaimed Canadian chef, Susur Lee
  • He’s a friendly with Drake

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