Who is Ellie Grace?

If you are on Instagram, then chances are you have run into Elli Grace, who is a very popular Instagram star/model/ and social media star.

Full NameEllie Grace Michelsen

Personal Life

Ellie Grace was born in California in 1998, which would make her currently 23 years old. 

There is no family history or personal history about Elli, details which she prefers to keep private. 

A beautiful girl with brown eyes and blond hair, Elli Grace is 5 foot 4 inches in height and weighs in at just below 100 pounds. 

Elli has been posting on Instagram, her primary social media platform for a few years, and has built up a steady following of around 34 thousand followers.

As evidenced by her toned photos, Ellie keeps very busy not only posting on Instagram, 
going to the gym often to maintain her figure, eating carefully, and generally promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Besides posting on Instagram, Ellie maintains a busy lifestyle participating in commercials and endorsing products.

Ellie Grace, based on her Instagram success has managed to save up a tidy little nest egg for herself, and her estimated net worth is thought to be around $300,000.

Ellie Grace has the handle @elmichelsen21, but no indication why she has that handle and goes by the name Elli Grace. Perhaps Michelsen is her family name, and the 21 would indicate she has been on Instagram for 2 years now.

Ellie describes herself as a fitness model, and her main Instagram page indicates that two of her sponsors are BOUTINE Los Angeles, and Raw Gear, a Chatsworth CA clothing manufacturer. 

Each post she has on Instagram has around 1500 followers, and besides her busy Instagram activities, her profile indicates that Ellie is definitely interested in veterinary medicine as well as being an Instagram Model. 

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