Who is Emily Ellanah?

Emily Ellanah is gaining traction on numerous social media platforms— most notably on Instagram. Her angelic features, toned body, and aesthetic posts lure in people to her account.

If you’re intrigued by this beautiful influencer, then keep on reading.

Real NameEmily Ellanah

Brand Collaborations

If you’ve seen some of her first Instagram posts, you will know that she is destined to be a star. Brands have also observed this so a lot have lined up to do collaborations with her. One of the most notable brands she has worked with is Boutine Los Angeles, a swimwear brand. 

Tiger Mist, Mudmasky, Bearable Love, TTDEYE Lenses, AEP Costomz LLC, Novashine Teeth Whitening, and Wise Youth are other brands that she has also worked with.

Get to Know Emily

Emily has a good taste in music. Based on her IG story “Tunes”, her favorite songs include 25 in Barcelona by JP Saxe, 7 Summers by Morgan Wallen, and Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. You know you can count on her for epic song and band recommendations!

Emily also shared her stand on the most important question on the Friends series. Her answer? They were NOT on a break. We could not agree more

She is interested in photography and her feed shows cool disposable film photos. These add to the aesthetics of her profile. 

Another thing that draws people to her is that she is not afraid to keep it real. Bonus points for her witty captions. One example is a candid photo of her with a relatable caption that said “looking at somethin(g) idk”. We’ve all done that at least once in our life. 

Personal Life

Emily completed her high school education in Christopher High School and belongs to batch 2019. Her high school life was fun and memorable because of her friends. In one of her posts, she mentioned that “couldn’t have made it” without their support.

She is also not shy to show some PDA with her boyfriend Bryson Twisselman. They have a lot of photos on her feed from their trips and adventures together. But who can blame her? They look so adorbs!

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