Who is Grace Boor?

Grace Boor gained exponential fame on the popular social media app, TikTok, in early 2020. As an 18 year old model, she has plunged into the scene as a beautiful and stunning new face. She began competing in pageants at a young age and found success on TikTok and now Instagram.

With over 1.1 Million followers on Instagram, she is becoming a sensational model with talent yet to be seen.

As of September 2022 Grace is continuing her social media career with a couple huge updates. She announced a sponsorship from Stake with a story post and tagging them in her bio. We do not know the account but Stake has been spending big on influencers recently.

Also as of September 2022 Grace’s main TikTok account has been banned, not sure what caused that or if she will be able to get it back.

Earlier in life she won a miss teen Florida contest and then a couple years later her short TikTok videos had her going viral very quickly. Now she is focused on more professional modeling options and is the finals to become a cover girl for Maxim Magazine.

She started to model for BoutineLA on Instagram after blowing up on TikTok, and that helped propel her own growth from all of their posts and their larger accounts.

Grace has since moved away from BoutineLA and now works with a wide range of bikini brands and styles.

She has a fun casual personality and followers are all on board with her aspirations of becoming a successful model. Her friendly spirit and engaging content pulls viewers into a captivating world. 

ProfessionModel and Social Influencer
Age18 Years Old
BirthdaySeptember 9, 2002
Weight115 lbs
Hair ColorBrown
Measurements36-28-36 in 

Maxim Magazine Contest 2022

Grace is in the running to be featured on the cover of Maxim Magazine through their cover girl contest. As of writing she has made it to the top 5 and soon we will know if she wins. You can see the results and vote here.

Grace Boor Net Worth

Grace’s net worth is not public but she certainly has a bright future. She does paid promo on her instagram account often now for accounts like Jaxxon jewelry, car dealerships, and resorts she stays at. Based on her 1m+ following she is getting a good source of income from these posts.

She also has paid subscriptions on her own website that pull in a monthly revenue source.

Grace Boor OnlyFans

Grace does not have an only fans account but she does have a version of paid content hosted on her own website thegraceboor.com. We do not know if there is any nudity there but guess is no based on the general family friendly brand she is building.

Grace Boor made her way to becoming known by posting videos on the social media site TikTok. She is 18 years old and around 5’5” feet tall. This has not stopped her from finding fame.

Hand SideLeft Handed
Middle NameElizabeth
Favorite FoodSushi
Favorite SeasonSummer
Favorite MoviesRomantic Comedies

Grace is into fitness and is not afraid to post bikini pictures on her page. She is in shape and she works out often. She wears reviling clothing and then posts pictures online. She has a large male following. Many people mistake her for a bikini model.

 Grace Boor has over a million views on her social media page on TikTok.  She is from Los Angeles. While she is attractive and active she is not very tall but that does not stop her from being a well known social media star. In addition to being on social media, Grace has been on many beauty pageants. While she is still young she has made a strong presence on TikTok with her information about fitness and her bathing suit pictures.

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