Who is Julia Corbridge?

Julia Corbridge is ready to take over Instagram one post at a time. She is a famous influencer best known for her beauty and incredible fashion style. She has a huge following that keeps on growing everyday.

Brand Collaborations

Julia has done a lot of collaborations with renowned beauty brands such as BOUTINE Los Angeles, NWJ Cosmetics, and Gaslamp Gift Gallery. Julia’s influence is not limited to the beauty industry. Other brands have also reached out to collaborate with her like Elina Rose Cases, and  Macooy BIKINIS.

Real NameJulia Corbridge

Get to Know Julia

Julia is a jack of all trades—she is an influencer, model, and artist. She uses Instagram as one of her main social media platforms and has more than 33,000 followers with just 175 posts. She also shares a lot of her travels with her followers. She has been to beautiful places like Jew Fish Key Island, Siesta Key, and Beer Can Island. 

Aside from traveling, Julia has an outgoing and lively lifestyle. She loves going to parties, attending concerts, and hanging out with friends. Julia’s friends are lucky to have her because she’s sweet, loyal, and fun to be with. Julia and her friends love to wear matching costumes (#Goals)! She even wrote a thoughtful going-away message to her best friend leaving for college. If that’s not what a true friend is, then I don’t know what is!

Julia has a keen eye for fashion and is known to be a fashionista. Whether she has blonde, brunette, or even pink hair, she knows how to rock her outfits. Even her Dwight Schrute costume is on point! For #OOTD inspirations, check out her Outfits album.

To top it all off, Julia is an excellent artist as well. What makes her a unique artist is that instead of painting on canvas, she paints on jean jackets. She showed her talent by painting Starry Night and Creation of Adam. How cool is that?

Personal Life

Julia is active in other aspects of her life like in school. Fun fact: she was part of the Homecoming Court. 

She also likes sloths and even has Instagram stories dedicated to this adorable animal.

She values her family and spends time with them as much as her busy schedule allows. On Mother’s Day, she honored her mom by posting a short but sweet story with her. Looking at their lovely photo, we now know where she got her incredible fashion style from!

If you’re looking for a well-rounded influencer to follow and idolize, Julia Corbridge will be the perfect choice.

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