Who is Lauren Faith Weigle?

Lauren Faith Weigle is making a name on Instagram. Although she is new to the platform, she immediately captured the hearts of a lot of people who eventually became her loyal fans. If you want to know more about Lauren Faith, then keep on reading.

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Brand Collaborations

L (Lauren Faith’s name on Instagram) caught the attention of a beauty brand called BOUTINE Los Angeles because of her breathtaking and elegant looks. She modeled for the brand with fellow Boutinela babes like Lydia Free, Bre Dix, and Natalia Fernanda. We’re excited to see more projects in store for Lauren Faith.

Get to Know Lauren Faith

Browsing through her Instagram feed, it is pretty obvious that cameras adore her! All her photos look fantastic whether it may be a simple selfie or a scenic photo. 

Want to know what makes Lauren Faith happy? I think it’s safe to say that our girl,  Lauren Faith, is a certified foodie. There’s even an Instagram album dedicated to it. Talk about relatable!

Another thing fans of L know about her is that she is a fur mom to Moch. Lauren Faith showers him with a lot of love and affection and even joins him for a relaxing day out in the sun. Moch sure is one lucky pet!

L is one blessed gal because aside from her angelic features, she is also a talented ballerina. In conclusion, this girl is the whole package.

Lauren Faith Weigle is taking Instagram by storm. I won’t be surprised if she becomes one of the most famous names not only on Instagram but on other platforms as well. 

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