Who is Angelina Sage?

Angelica Sage enjoys them to the fullest. She has made a name for herself on social media and has been working on that while enjoying her life over the years.

Full NameAngelina Sage

She also possesses an undying love for cars. Most of her best shots are taken in or around cars, if not out in the sun. Her love for sports cars evidences her love for traveling. 

Early Life

The early years of Angelina Sage can be traced back to Miami, Florida. It isn’t clear when she started her modeling career. You can, though, trace her existence on the internet from early years, with most of her works still available.

One of her first shots on her Instagram shows that she loves traveling to warm weather areas – and the trend continues. She was in the warm Canandaigua Lake, and most of her travels after have had almost the same direction. 

Personal Life

Sage’s keeps most of her personal life offline. That’s how private she loves to become. She is originally from South Carolina and ranges from 18-25 years old. That estimation stems from considering how long she has been active on social networks. 

Her personal life includes her boyfriend, Leo Mancusi Ungaro. He remains her best friend. Her love for the sun also remains pronounced; most of her shots happen in such settings. 

Business and Promotions

Angelica Sage concentrates on modelling and acting; these are the central parts of her businesses. She’s more of a bikini model, looking closely at her social media handles, Instagram, Tumblr, among others.

A massive chunk of the shots follow minimalist fashion principles. She wears bathing suits and bikinis mostly. She also has a shot of her topless in a car, but that’s about it. 

Most of her businesses from her Instagram pages have her in workout and fitness ideas. Indeed, she has made a name as a fitness model due to her toned down and near-perfect body in bathing suits. 

She does have an OnlyFans linked in her Link Tree account, and the description does say she does not have any full nudity content.

Major Life Events

Getting a huge following online today is one of the significant events in anyone’s life. Angelina Sage has a following of 49k followers on Instagram, and over 195k on TikTok. Some of her other huge events include various sports cars. She has several posts with sport cars on social media – especially on Instagram. 

Creating your name on the internet is something that a lot of people struggle with today. If you can make a name, you have a massive chance of building a brand, and that’s what Angelina Sage does best.

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