10 Crazy Ways Celebrities Spend Money

1. Johnny Depp spent $3m shooting Hunter S Thomsons Ashes out of a custom cannon

Depp has been spending all his money for years, and this strangly specific funeral was in Thomsons will.

2. Kate Moss has a $425 Gold Vibrator

Purchased at an upscale store in New York city.

3. Nicolas Cage paid 276k for a stolen T-rex Skull

What makes this auction buy even better is he out bid Leonardo DiCaprio, AND was forced by government to return the skull later on when it was declared stolen.

4. Beyonce & Jay Z spent $80k on a diamond filled Barbie Doll

Im sure they can re use the diamonds once Blue Ivy out grows barbie dolls.

5. Mike Tyson bought 2 Tigers for $150k

It was worth it just for these photos with the chain leashes but we’re sure he grew to love his pets too.

6. Lady Gaga has a $50k Ghost Detector

She decided to buy her own because it not only detects ghosts, but supposedly wards them out of the room.

7. Donald Trump refurnished gold plated Jet

President Donald Trump bought a Boeing 757 from a co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. Before taking off on the jet big enough to fit 230 people, he decided to upgrade the inside. The upgrades included a 24k gold bathroom sink, and 24k gold plated seat belt clasps for all seats.

8. Akon bought a diamond mine in South Africa

Akon never disclosed how much he paid for it, but we can hope he has turned a profit or at least used the diamonds for his own jewelry.

9. Victoria Beckham paid $33k for a gold iphone

As cool as this was, it only could have lasted about 11 months when Apple came out with the newer model.

10. Ashton Kutcher got the ticket to space 200k

He became the 500th passenger on Virgin Galactics future mission. Katy Perry also bought Russel Brand a ticket for him earlier on.

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