The Most Expensive Yacht in the World is Way Smaller than You’d Expect

While being considerably smaller than many other super yachts of the world, one single feature makes this yacht valued at a shocking $4.8 dollars : the entire hull is made of solid gold. The yacht is named the History Supreme and is the work of Stuart Hughes. It was reportedly purchased by an anonymous Malaysian business man but has since been believed to be owned by Robert Kuok, who is the richest man in Malaysia.

The entire yacht has striking features not usually found on boat design of any size, such as all glass tables. The master bedroom is covered in platinum with wall art made of meteors and T-rex bones. At 100 feet long, this is far from being the longest yacht in the world even though it takes the most expensive yacht title by a landslide.

The front featured a glass covered room for dining, with the option to open the front door for some more air.

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