Who Is Miss Bo?

Miss Bo is one of Instagram’s quickly growing models, with a clear interest in fitness, fashion, and photography.

So, who is Miss Bo, what kind of content does she offer, and how old is she?

Let’s find out!

All You Need to Know About Missbo aka Miss Bo

Miss Bo (born Božana Abrlić) is a model and social media influencer from Croatia who works on popularizing fitness among her fanbase.

She was born on November 28, 1989, making her a 32-year-old Saquirtarius. Although she travels a lot, Missbo is currently living in the United States, which is a good 5,300 miles away from her hometown, Zagreb!

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Social Media Presence

Under the nickname Bo, Božana sets up her social media accounts to share her modeling shots along with other content types.

As the platform is more oriented towards visual content, Missbo uses her Instagram page to share modeling and fitness shots with over three million followers.

Since she’s only 5’4”, Miss Bo is inspiring other girls to pursue modeling, even if they’re told that they don’t fit into the stereotypical mold.

Perhaps her busiest social media account is her TikTok, even though it has only 209.5 thousand followers, which is much less than her Instagram.

However, the content is versatile and gathers more fan interactions in the comment section.

On her TikTok, the Croatian glamor model shares her travel experience. Take, for instance, her recent trip to Tuscany.

Miss Bo’s presence on Twitter isn’t as intense, but this didn’t stop her fans from sharing their admiration of her aesthetic.

Miss Bo’s Sponsorship Deals

Like many influencers, Missbo uses her internet fame to settle on sponsorship deals that contribute to her net worth.

Most of these deals are with brands catering to clothes and accessories like the trending American company, Fashion Nova.

Fitness Courses by Miss Bo

If you’re a fan of her, you can enroll in Missbo’s fitness course on her website, fitness by Bo.

Currently, her main focus is an eight-week training program with around 24 different exercises that she uses to maintain her figure.

However, you can also find a quick overview of some of her workout sessions available for free on her social media accounts.

Notable Collaborators

Many of Božana Abrlić’s candid and professional photoshoots are done by the same photographer, Luka Metz.

In fact, the majority of his Instagram posts are exclusive of the Croatian model, with few photos of himself in between. 

Metz prides himself on how “Instagram ready” his work is. 

The key to getting a perfect shot every time is matching colors, fixing lights, working on the surrounding, and of course, adding the artist’s signature touch!

His go-to photography kit includes the Sony a7 III full-frame mirrorless camera, Sigma 35mm lens, Sigma 85mm lens, Manfrotto tripod, and Neewer rings lights.

He keeps those in a backpack full of cleaning wipes, memory cards, and rechargeable batteries. This way, he’s always ready to go!

Five Fun Facts About Miss Bo

There’s more to Božana Abrlić than meets the eye!

Here are some fun facts about her life and career:

  1. Her photographer is also her long-term friend, Luka Metz
  2. Bo and Luka both started the photoshoots as a fun hobby that turned into a professional collaboration
  3. Missbo offers five photo filter packs for sale on her website
  4. Blue is one of her favorite colors, and it’s very recurrent in her wardrobe choices
  5. Donuts are Bo’s favorite dessert

Wrap Up

Overall, Miss Bo doesn’t happen to be the kind of influencer who blasts their life on social media, so there’s little for the public to know.

Yet, we can sum up her social media presence as an aspiring fashion model.

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