Who is Iza Leslie?

On June 9, 2021

Iza Leslie or @izaleslie is a social media user who is growing her instagram and TIkTok accounts. She currently has 52k followers on instagram and 195k on TikTok. She is a confirmed boutinela babe and models for them frequently.

Iza goes to Florida State according to her instagram bio and has a pretty light and fun instagram account featuring inspiring quotes and group photos of friends, in addition to her swim suit and clothing modeling photos.

A lot of her personal information is not really known at this time. She has saved stories on Instagram from traveling including the Caribbean, Miami, LA, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, and more.

Her instagram also lists her as a ‘comedian’ and she actually really does seem to have fun on social media across her accounts while benefitting from the more than typical attention so that is good to see.

Full NameIza Leslie
Originally FromGeorgia
Instagram Account@izaleslie
TikTok Account@izaleslieee

Apart from boutinela Iza has also promoted products by Oh Polly, Dollskill, and ONEONE Swimwear.

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