Who is Monica Corgan?

On September 3, 2021

Update Sep 4, 2021 – Kanye Lyrics

In an interesting twist to the current Kanye – Drake situation, Monica Corgan was seemingly mentioned in a leaked diss song. Pay attention, Drake leaked a song on his OvO Sound 42 radio station that included a Kanye verse that mentions Monica Corgan and her friend Juanita by name.

Kanye looks to be claiming that Drake texts Juanita and Monica, but also says “who was there for me” implying that Kanye also personally knows Monica Corgan.

Original Bio Article:

Monica Corgan is an young woman who has been buzzing on instagram and other areas of the internet after some of her modeling jobs and her social posts. She has 119k followers on her primary instagram account.

We are going to be a bit less chill on this bio post, she straight up has a phenomenal ass.

She models for boutinela semi regularly and did a runway show for HMN ALNS in 2019, which is the video below.

She promotes her OnlyFans very often on her instagram and appears to be doing pretty well living off her monthly subscriptions there. She also teases and complains about instagram removing her content. As a first for the Reddit model fan clubs, there appears to be some anger toward Monica for not ‘showing enough’ anywhere on the internet including her OnlyFans.

Monica has also recently claimed that she was going to make more from suing people who leak her content then her actual subscription revenue. Not sure if that will end up working out but an interesting concept there.

She also has a website at monicacorgan.com where she has a calendar and polaroids for sale.

Full NameMonica Corgan
Age22 Years Old
Currently LocatedLos Angeles, CA
Weight120 lbs
Eye ColorBlue
Reddit SimpsYES
OnlyFansYes she promotes it often

Monica Corgan And Tyga Video

There were rumors of Monica and Tyga making Onlyfans content together, and that led to lots of people talking about those rumors on reddit and comparable desolate locations of the internet…

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