Who Is Ashley Suarez?

One of the newly rising faces in the world of fashion modeling is none other than TikTok’s Ashely Suarez.

From dance videos to restaurant collaborations, she never fails to keep her fans hooked up and waiting for more.

So, who is Ashley Suarez, how old is she, and what exactly does do? Let’s find out!

All You Need to Know About TikTok’s Ashley Suarez

Ashley Micheal Suarez is a model, fashion influencer, and TikTok content creator based in Naples, Florida.

She’s known for her iconic dense red hair, freckled face, and humorous content.

How Old Is Ashley Suarez?

Ashley Suarez was born on February 19, 2003. This makes her social media success even more impressive, considering she’s only 19 years old.

What Does Ashley Suarez Do?

Despite her young age, Ashley Suarez has explored different types of content creation, from casual satiric videos to professional brand sponsorships.

Her social media presence is mainly limited to Instagram, Wideapp, and TikTok, though.

Let’s take a closer look at the kind of work Suarez does:

Content Creation

Ashley’s first hit as a social media influencer started with her Tiktok account with a simple arm dance video with one of her friends.

Soon, she was gathering a wide fanbase who loved to see her content daily.

All in all, her old account had around 500K followers. It was a shame to see it get deleted, but she went ahead and created a second one with around 48K followers and 238K likes so far.

Fashion Modeling

Ashley has collaborated with many clothing brands, either through sponsorship deals or fashion photoshoots.

The list includes industry gurus like Pretty Little thing, Drunk Elephant, Pared Eyewear, and Lucky the Brand.

Currently, her modeling work is all under the To Infinity Models agency.

The model scouting, management, and placement agency welcomed Ashley Suarez as a new face for their company back in March 2022.

Food Blogging

While she’s not blogging in the typical sense, Ashley has a separate Instagram account dedicated to food photography.

In most posts, she shares her meals in different restaurants she visits.

However, every now and then, she’ll post some of her own recipes, from late-night pasta to Mediterranean cuisine.

So, keep an eye out on the alternate account if you’d like to try some of the signature dishes by Suarez!

Fun Facts About Ashley Suarez

Let’s move on to some facts you probably didn’t know about Ashely Suarez:

She Refers to Herself as “That Gecko Girl”

Ashley sometimes calls herself “that gecko girl” since her face is heavily freckled. Of course, these freckles only add to her glowy complexion, so it’s all in good fun!

Her Zodiac Sign Is Pisces

Yes, you heard it right! Ashley’s a Pisces.

Usually, Pisces people are rumored to have open imaginations and guarded personalities. Ashley also happens to be a believer in astrology, so maybe her persona checks out after all.

She’s a Wanderlust in Progress

Ashley likes traveling and has shared her trips to Los Angeles, Miami, Santa Monica, and New York with her fans on more than one occasion.

Friends Come First for Suarez

The young content creator shares an Instagram account with her friend group, Alyson and Savannah.

They call their clique the “cherry bomb gurlz,” which also happens to be the shared account’s holder.

Wrap Up

You can say that Ashley Suarez is a fashion model with interests in food collaborations, travel blogging, and content creation.

Although she’s only 19, it looks like she has more and more success coming her way!

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