Who is Sarah Snyder?

Sarah Snyder has built a strong instagram account presence in sort of her own lane. While she is objectively hot and posts some standard instagram model style content, the real focus in most her posts is actually her fashion taste.

Whether it is rare streetwear items or pieces from brands that are very popular at the moment, she basically always has something impressive to show off.

Willing to bet she has made a lot of friends in the industry and gets a lot of flow team stuff – with the hopes of a post on her 2 Million follower instagram account as the end goal for some.

Full NameSarah Snyder
FromNew York
BornJuly 30, 1995
ProfessionModel / Actress

Early Life

There is really not much known about her early life or life at all to be honest. Her instagram bio right now read just “Sarah”. That is along the same lines of how much info there is about her family or history.

It is known she moved to California after originally being from New York. She seems to travel to typical major cities like New York, Los Angelos, and Miami.

Sarah Snyder Personal Life

Sarah arguable started to get attention from dating Jadan Smith back in 2015 for a couple years. Long after that she has been pictured with a few other celebrities but again she keeps her life pretty private and secretive in basically every way possible.

The mystery and short text captions pretty much just add to the whole cool girl thing she has going on, we’d say its working for her.

She did make news when she was arrested for theft of a Hermes bag which was proven to be a big misunderstanding after she had proof that she was in Miami. She totally road out the intention and even printed a t shirt with her mugshot.

Sarah Snyder Net Worth

Her net worth and income is unknown. She continues to post tons of luxury items and travels pretty often so she is living a good life but her exact financials are another mystery about her. She does have 2 million instagram followers so some of the posts she makes featuring products may be paid.

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