Who is Alexis Bumgarner?

Alexis Bumgarner is pretty popular on instagram and has secured several paid placements for herself. She currently has 241k followers on instagram.

Alexis Bumgarner was born on January 14, 1995 which makes her 24 years old. She is originally from Surfside Beach, South Carolina; and now might live in North Carolina according to some other random website.

Alexis has done quite a few paid posts for some common influencer brands such as ko watches, manscaped, and boutinela recently; but she has also done other promo posts for some lesser known clothing companies, and at least a couple smaller CBD companies. She seems to do well monetizing her following on instagram as it grows.

She also does not really reveal much about her personal life on her instagram as far as we can tell. She is basically focused on monetizing her @alexisbumgarner account while growing her reach.

Alexis also has a private patreon account where you can pay monthly to see her private photos. Her account currently lists 76 patrons who signed up for access by paying between $20 and $300 each month. That nets her anywhere between $1,520 – $22,800 a month!

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