Who is Katie Bell?

Katie Bell has been gracing the headlines for the popularity that she has gained over the years. For starters, she hails from Florida. As a social icon, she has gained a huge number of Instagram followers over the years. Katie Bell has also been spending a lot of time around Dan Bilzerian.

Before attaining such levels of fame, he first posted on Instagram on January 21, 2016. The post comprised of a video of her walking through a department store.

Full NameKatie Bell
BirthdayMarch 30, 1995
LivesLos Angeles, CA
FromPalm Harbor, FL

Her popularity has come in handy since she has been able to also work as an ambassador for various corporations. The main reason why she has been spending a lot of time with Dan Bilzerian is because she has been working as an ambassador to Ignite Cannabis Co. As for her family life, she has two brothers and one sister. She has also been posting many pictures of herself in lingerie and swimwear. The main reason behind such posts is because she is also an Instagram model and star. Her Instagram account has more than 262,000 followers.

As an ambassador of the Ignite Cannabis Co. that is owned by Dan Bilzerian, Katie Bell has been able to ensure that the brand has gained some significant popularity. Dan Bilzerian has been able to enhance the outreach of his brand through the help of Katie Bell. With time, his brand will incur more sales thus boosting the revenue his company earns in a year. As a paid model, Katie Bell earns cash for offering such services, thanks to her huge pool of Instagram followers.

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