Who is Gabrialla Ellyse?

Gabrialla Ellyse is young women born and living in Southern California who is a great example of a perfect story social media influencer. Gabrialla is from a small town called Agoura Hills, and while working in a pediatric dental office she decided to change to working part time in order to have more freedom to do what she wanted. Gabrialla Abutbol uses the name Gabrialla Ellyse on instagram and other social accounts, and we are assuming its her middle name but may be from some where else. She was born April 16th 1994, making her 24 at time of writing.

Gabrialla is steadily growing her social media following although she frequently mocks the importance that some place on follower counts or status. Currently at 848k instagram followers, she has joked that she got so many followers by posing topless although she does not ever pose completely topless. In most photos and videos she is seen smiling and laughing and really looks to have fun wherever she is.

Badwood clothing connection

Gabrialla often poses in Badwood clothing and is pretty good friends with the clothing brands founder Nat Wood. Gabrialla recently called Nat her ‘bestie’ and the friendship works out well as they always look like they have a lot of fun and they end up with tons of quality marketing material for Badwood most of the times that they hang out.

She has a dog Nixxon

Gabriella has a golden retriever named Nixxon who she got as a tiny puppy but has since grown into a dog. She often posts with him on instagram and also made him his own account @littlemrnixxon. His entire adorable life is documented in her saved instagram stories.

Dating Axell Hodges

Gabriella is very happily dating Axell Hodges who is a professional Moto rider and 6 times x games medal winner. She recently joked that they met because she DMed him.

Her official website is gabriellaabutbol.com but it is a bit of a work in progress. Her instagram account @gabriella.ellyse is updated daily. Read the original article below, that sounds like it was written by a robot, but has some more facts included.

More Info:

Gabrialla Abutbol also known as Gabriella Ellyse on Instagram the social media platform a paid model and modeling. On her Instagram profile she has her name, options to follow her, block or report her. Next to her name Gabrialla Abutbol there is a butterfly emoji icon. KO watches, Exclusive content has a hand pointing down emoji icon and a link to her websitegabriellaabutbol.com. There are 75 photos/posts of her with her friends, food, different locations, cars and dogs. She has 833k followers and 251 following her account. She sounds American, located in California America. She is wearing Badwood clothing which are located on this address Badwood, PO BOX 7538,Thousand Oaks, CA 91359. They have clothes for Men, Women, Art by Nat Wood and Sale.

It seems as she has a boyfriend, post of her puppy/dog Nixxon who she calls him her son. Photos of exclusive Pics, Youtube videos, Shoots of photos of another company called The Chive, Chiaramodel, Baesandbikni and Badwood shoots wearing Badwood clothing. In one photos of her dog and her, she puts Ohana means family. She has a Onlyfans.com account which is on https://onlyfans.com/gabriellaellyse. The monetization cost to follow her is $19, with 381 posts, 353 photos. 29 videos 25K likes. The visitor needs to subscribe to be allowed to enter and follow her. She has a Patreon account, stating her personality as just having fun, her lifestyle and loving her. On her Onlyfans.com account she says it is an easy platform to share her exclusive content not seen anywhere else.

On her Instagram, she has some Emoji icons on some of her photos. There are quotes when Chive thinks I’m an angel. I cover up only for @Badwood. On her Instagram account, there is her profile photo to let viewers know they have found the right Instagramer.

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