The Top 6 Ways That Female Instagram Models Make Money


A lot of people can wonder how do how instagram models make money from all of their time spent posting photos and other content to social media. For the most part the best at earning money from their content these days are on very relevant on Instagram. Here are the top 5 ways female ‘instagram models’ earn money:

1. Paid Promotional Posts

One of the most popular and straight forward ways that a model can monetize their social media following is accepting money for a post that features a product. Several companies have really run with this concept and done a huge number of deals with women to post their products. An interesting shift has happened where the majority of product companies placing these paid spots have learned more about the audiences available to them. Instead of having models advertise women’s products like clothing or make up, they have realized mostly men follow these models and it is more effective to promote mens products like Manscaped razors or gender neutral products like Bang energy drinks. Both of those two brands have placed at least 20+ placements with various instagram models and have had pretty significant budgets to fund these campaigns. This is probably since it has worked well for them…

2. Promote Paid Accounts

Many females have taken to new-er paid social networks like Patreon or Onlyfans to post exclusive content and ask their followers to pay a monthly subscription in order to access this content. Sometimes this can include much more revealing photos than they choose to post on instagram or that instagram allows. Models can earn upwards of tens of thousands of dollars each month from these accounts and they usually have multiple pricing tiers. Some may consider the original version of this was the wave of private snapchat accounts where you had to pay to be accepted as a friend.

3. Classic Modeling Jobs

Many realize the powerful impact of using a social media account to reach thousands or millions of people for free by posting content, and can turn this exposure into a ‘traditional’ modeling career. Whether this means being picked up by a modeling agency, being scouted directly by a worldwide brand, or even shifting into acting; now anyone can spark a modeling career by posting their own photos.

4. Advertising Own Company

Many models earn pretty significant amounts of money for agreeing to do paid posts from outside companies to promote certain products, and this trend continues to grow simply because it can work very well. A lot of models and really anyone with a strong following can end up shifting to only promoting their own companies products and taking all of the benefit and profits for themselves. A great example of this Kylie Jenner and her makeup products; it has basically made her a Billionaire. While Kylie is the frontrunner many have become super well off selling their own clothing or product brand successfully using their own personal following while growing their business brand account at the same time.

5. Accepting Gifts

Some female models end up accepting gifts from product companies and individuals due to their popularity. Some companies will offer to send free products in exchange for posts, or just send products with hopes of promo. Although not confirmed we recently saw a comment of a man claiming to have purchased billboard placements for a model, randomly.

Then you have the sketchier gifts that take place… some will share an amazon wishlist or just straight up put a Venmo username in a bio and get a response to these. EVEN worse is the transactions of photos like feet pics. We recommend not encouraging any of these suspect individuals. Anyone who has a different view on these let us know.

6. OnlyFans Boom

The newest trend for female content creators across the internet is being led by the OnlyFans platform. The concept of selling nude photos and other similar translation is not new…. but the platform of OnlyFans combined this demand with recurring monthly payments and a messaging platform that lets payments take place for additional things – photos, videos, conversations, whatever. Some have shown massive amounts of monthly income being made by OnlyFans alone, with the extreme end being someone like ​Corinna Kopf making $1 Million in just the first 48 Hours of being on the platform.

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