Who is Hayley Maxfield?

Haley Maxfield is a model repped by The Source Models and her instagram bio says she is an accountant too, but pretty sure that might just be a joke.

There is really not much known about her early life or personal life what so ever…

Full NameHaley Maxfield
Age28 Years Old

She does promote an onlyfans on her link tree account from her instagram account. Somewhat recently she has done a solid number of paid post posts for fashion nova, and some other paid posts for lesser known brands.

Considering these paid posts and her onlyfans account she probably does pretty well for herself on monthly income.

She just recently passed 500k followers on Instagram and celebrated with a post about how the account has changed her life.

Haley has been a model and social influencer for a few years now. All of her previous model work plus her recent OnlyFans has led her to an estimated net worth of $500k.

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