Who is Estelle?


Not too much is known about Estelle aka username @estelllexo on both instagram and twitter. Her location on twitter is France, and while she travels a decent amount based on her photo posts, she spends most of her time in Los Angeles.

Some have rumored that she is still based in France but travels for 3 months at a time in the US and stays with friends or continues to travel.

She currently has 413k followers on instagram and 94.1k followers on twitter. She does not share much about her life and her bio is completely blank.

Estelle is pretty connected to the social media celebrity and model life in Los Angeles and around the world. She has been connected to Ian Connor, Sahara Ray, Bloody Osiris, and plenty of brands including Kim K’s Skims.

Real NameUnknown
Typically InLos Angeles
BirthdayDecember 5, 1999

Based on an old instagram photo her birthday is on December 5th.

Estelle has been mentioned to be connected with Ian Connor and has posted photos in rare Sicko items included this one piece below.

Estelle in Sicko Clothing
Estelle and Sahara Ray

Has done promotion deals with:

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