Who is Monica Wasp? @wasprum on Instagram

On August 4, 2019

Monica Wasp is a slender and hot blonde model who comes from Bucharest in Romania. She works as a full time global artist and model. Wasp delights in shopping, reading, hanging out with
friends, and drawing during her free time. She has a naturally slender figure that can wow someone from the first glance.

Recent Playboy Cover
Wasp was featured as the Playmate of the Month of May 2018 in the Portugal publication of the Playboy magazine. It was during this feature that she posed for a nude shoot for Playboy magazine for the first time ever. The latest gig by Wasp is the 2019 Miss July for Playboy edition in Hungary. Just at a glance, the epic and natural poses of Wasp could knock you off your feet.

Instagram Account Content
You can Find Monica Wasp on Instagram, by the username @wasprum. Currently, she has 16 posts, follows 821 people and has 17.9k followers as of 31 st August 2019. Unfortunately, if you do not fall under her followers’ category, you cannot get an overview of the content in her
account as it is privatized.

Monica Wasp by Yonathan Flores
Monica Wasp by Silviu Sandulescu

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