Who is Coral Sharon?

On December 12, 2020

Coral Sharon is a young women who seems to have a decent amount of popularity on social media, although she does not seem to acknowledge the following much. She has over 376k followers on instagram with her @coral.sharon username, and about 35k followers on twitter.

Coral Sharon seems to be from Israel and many of her photos have comments from others in Hebrew, and some of her older posts have captions written in Hebrew. She now seems to mostly use English on recent posts.

She recently promoted Mulatto Swimwear on an instagram post, but still does not do too much promo or monetizing of her social accounts of following.

She only follows 44 people on instagram and only poses alone in her photos. Safe to say she is both private and likes to keep to herself a bit. Although she does have some saved stories of travel around Europe and parties.

@coral.sharon / Instagram

A weaker website competitor has claimed” “our research team has concluded that they are 100% natural and our best guesstimate of her bra size is 34G or 32DDD.” Sounds like it could be correct, but still a weird brag.

Originally fromIsrael
Reddit SimpsYes

Though much is not known about her, or her origin, her social media following continues to grow. Coral Sharon is also another young women who ends up getting her phots reposted on reddit threads and even some random Youtube videos made about her photos.

She does not appear to monetize her following in any way, although she recently did post a tank top tagging the clothing brand @omightyshop in the post, although its not really clear if she was paid to post or not.

To add to this, her photos and videos on Instagram do not really tell a lot about her. At some point, she is seen standing seductively exposing her branded inner wear.In another one she is holding a glass of wine while there is another image of her in a swimming pool probably having some good time outdoor. In addition her photos on Instagram portray her as a frequent traveler and many of her images are taken in a wide range of places ranging from hotels to wild and rocky places.

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