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Who is daf? @daf on instagram

On March 26, 2019

@daf on instagram is Daf Orlovsky. You may have come across him recently because Sahara Ray has been posting photos with him. He currently has 14k followers on instagram and focuses on his clothing line Siberia Hills. Daf seems to live in LA or a tleast spends a lot of time there but is from Siberia, or at least his family is. While he is pretty connected with other notable people, some of his early photos and comments on instagram connecting him with people like Heron Preston, Matthew M Williams, and Ian Connor are interesting considering some of his fashion and clothing content.

Siberia Hills

Daf Orlovsky runs and started the Siberia Hills clothing line as far as we can tell. It already has a bit of a cult following and is recently getting ready to drop its Spring/Summer 2019 line, which Daf has teases pieces from on his personal instagram account.

Dating Sahara Ray

Recently Daf Orlovsky and Sahara Ray have been strongly alluding to the two being very close to each other. They started posting instagram posts together, Sahara has commented “Baby” on his photos, and she also posted a story of the two kissing. Daf has actually been posting photos of Sahara back in August 2018, but they seem to be closer now.

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