Is Arya Toufanian’s Stocks Program a Scam?


Recent updates on this page about Arya Toufanian’s @aryateaches / @aryastocks program and history of the original @stocks program below.

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Read our history of ImShmacked right here.

UPDATE 4/18/2019

Over time there have been multiple instagram accounts created with the purpose of showing evidence of Arya’s various paid programs unhappy customers, but the account @aryascam was created yesterday with tons of recent information on Arya’s current stock program. Check out @aryascam after reading this article to see some recent information. This is another account that chooses to use one of our articles in the bio link, but this account is not run by 5orry.

UPDATE 4/16/2019

The @aryateaches account handle has just been changed to @aryastocks, and also has a new profile picture logo. The Shopify store that @aryastocks is using has been updated a bit, and features header promotional images and product photos along with actual product descriptions, when compared to the barebones and rushed approach previously used on the ecommerce stores that have been used to sell the Arya Toufanian stocks program packages.

One new interesting discovery is that there appears to be a proven connection between Arya Toufanian’s new @aryastocks program, and the @paidstocks instagram account and website. This was discovered by an mistake on Aryas ‘atstockprogram’ shopify store that led to a broken link naming the @paidstocks instagram. The two instagram accounts also have the same exact bio as of today.

The paid options that @aryastocks offers allow access to a private discord discussion account. While we have not seen the inside of the actual discord, or the information being provided, the amount of people unhappy with the original stocks program continue to speak out.

As always we are not offering advice of what to believe or how to spend your money, but we do want you to read the information that we have provided here and make your own decision. As mentioned below, there are a lot of free ways to learn information about trading stocks.

UPDATE 3/26/2019

After the disastrous history and total removal of Arya Toufanian’s @stocks program, he has decided to re-use his @aryateaches handle to start reselling another stocks program today. We already know the bio currently lists a few straight lies on it, such as being the ‘#1 stock community’ lets see how long this lasts…


There may appear to be plenty of people happy with the @stocks program judging from the countless profitable screenshots posted to the @stocks instagram account, but check out some of the facts and history of the program below so that you can make your own decision on whether it is worth your money… It may be more beneficial for you to invest that money into the stock market after learning about legitimate and profitable trading methods. Come back to check for updates.

UPDATE 11/26

The discord chat group has also now been deleted and now Aryas stocks program does not exist in any form. Arya still claims to be the ‘founder’ of @stocks in his personal instagram bio although the link is dead. He also has not said anything about these changes but has been deleting some comments from his most recent photo when people ask what happened. Check back here for updates and get in touch if you have anything to add.

UPDATE 11/25

The @stocks instagram account has been deleted or deactivated out of no where. Arya has not said anything on his own personal instagram account. In the discord chat where Aryas stocks program has been taking place there is a lot of chaos taking place, similar to some of the random disorganized changes mentioned below except this time there seems to be no direction provided by Arya himself. Everyone is trying to cancel their membership, or discussing how to do a chargeback with your bank/credit company. There are also mentions of Arya not paying any of the moderators again which caused the problems before. It may seem shocking that Arya would not simply pay the ones responsible for making the @stocks program possible while still making a profit but Arya seems to be involved in several types of scams with each new situation he is involved in.

UPDATE 11/19

The @stocks ‘program’ packages are now available for purchase on a wix site after moving e-commerce platforms yet again within a matter of months without any explanation. Also for sale on the same wix site are a couple of imshmacked promotion packages, which has had its own issues of scamming people.

Arya himself has reached out to us here at 5orry and appears to be unhappy with this article. There was no actual caese and desist letter attached just the text below.


Seemingly out of nowhere late at night, Arya decided to switch the entire program from being based on Slack which is explained below in favor of using the Discord platform which is known for being used for the video gaming community. Although another confusing transition that took place over the course of about 2 days, the program now does have at least some concrete differences between each of the differently priced paid plans. It is a bit ironic that THEWOLF who is originally mentioned below has been and continues to actively use discord for his own stock market advice program.

ORIGINAL 10/4 – Below true at time of writing, see updates above for current facts.

People are curious about Arya Toufanian’s newest venture. It’s his @stocks Instagram account and paid stock market advice program. While Arya himself has been very vague in explaining the program itself, there have been tons of mixed reactions. There are 3 packages which vary in cost from $60 to $1,000. All of the packages offer practically the same product.

The @stocks program is a Slack account chat room with the packages being sold on the Shopify Ecommerce platform. Slack is a hugely popular chat and discussion platform used by companies and other types of groups all over the world. Shopify has become the leader in e-commerce used by more companies for online stores than any other solution.

Another frequently asked question is the actual difference between each of the packages which range from $60-$1,000 dollars. Although some details have been discussed and potentially planned, as of right now there is no proven difference between each of the different priced options. Each allows an invitation to the same Slack account to receive stock information from various ‘moderators’ and other members. There have been mentions of plans to create a separation between each of the programs, but as of now, there is no difference.

@ stocks Program History

Arya explained in an outdated story posting that he had got the @stocks Instagram handle for free after negotiating the potential of the account to its original owner. After starting to promote the program heavily on Instagram while posting many screenshots of people who had made huge profits from following the programs knowledge, and posting his online store sales in excess of $50,000 extensively on his own Instagram account, there was a bit of a crash on October 3rd 2018. The individual who was running the actual Slack account that everyone was paying to join had announced he was leaving. you can see his explanation and reasoning straight from the original Slack account right here:

THEWOLF [10:30 AM] @everyone this will be my last day here. unfortunately ARYA and i were unable to come to an agreement. on 9/9/18 ARYA approached me on Instagra. he mentioned he had people signing up for his program yet no where to host them. I developed my trading business, “” in 2016 so i already had my own students and my IG “stockmarketwolf”, where ARYA contacted me on. on my IG you can see I have been trading all year. on 9/11/18 we put everyone in an old chat i used to use, hence why the name of the slack is my business name “stock market wolf”. on 9/12/18 we met in person to talk about me helping him out full time, how much i was to be paid and i offered him my expertise on how to make his business better. such as product descriptions so people can clearly see what they are buying, legal disclaimers, things he should offer, etc i tried to help him gear it towards what i had made years prior. on 9/13/18 i told him he needed a LLC, DBA and to legally form the business. on 9/14/18 customers wanted to cancel because ARYA had not yet listened to my advice and people were paying different prices for the same thing. on 9/15/18 multiple people started messaging me that ARYA was not responding and would take it up with bank as a fraud charge. on 9/25/18 an event happened where people began to threaten me as a result of ARYA i had stepped away then. but decided to come back. To this date i have not been paid, yet i have been the one giving you guys my watchlist and my proprietary scanners. arya had yet to put product descriptions. if you go to his site and look at his terms of agreement you will see stock market wolf in there because i gave him mine from my site….which i paid an attorney thousands of dollars to write up and make. I HAVE GONE out of my way to help him and you guys. but him and I do not see eye to eye. he hasnt followed through on any of his promises to me or done the necessary things to date of things i suggested, which a lot of those things came from my business attorney to inform arya of what he needed to do to make his site legit. i went above and beyond to help him. I have nothing against Arya nor am i trying to steal you guys from him, he just isnt following through what he said he would do. this has been going on for 4 weeks now. i have documentation and proof of all my claims you can even go on his site now, click on his terms of service and see mine in there. i am not doing this out of bad blood or bad intentions. but i am a honest hard working man. i have two boys and i work as a cancer scientist for a living. i have a bachelors and two master degrees one in biomedical tissue engineering. I act with integrity which is why im sending this message. everything I claimed is all backed by documentation. *IF* *YOU* have a problem because im leaving, last time people started to give death threats and post false things on my instagram and website….if you do that, this is a verbal warning now that i will take it up with the process of the law. slander is illegal so would highly suggest to think before you do. i have gone out of my way to try and help and nothing has been resolved.I am sorry but i will no longer take that stress I have enough stress with the job i have and how its critical for patients, my own business to focus on and my own family to worry about. i will not continue to provide value if he cant appreciate that nor do the proper legal things since we are two different business entities, which again mine was the initial and came years before his. so i need to focus on just mine and focus on my family. i wish you all the best of luck

The ironic part of the whole story is that THEWOLF seemed to be the only real trader on the platform. It seemed as if Arya had brought the customer acquisition side of the business to the table, whereas the wolf was brought the trading and scanner part. In fact, the wolf appeared to be a legitimate trader, hoping to offer trading advice to others. Even though apparently being recruited by Arya, It turns out THEWOLF already ran a legitimate professional and successful stock market knowledge company by way of his brand. On his own program, he offered a similar service, but with a much more reasonable amount of people.

After the announcement from THEWOLF about leaving the group, and panic from tons of members, Arya quickly decided to take over the offense and start recovering from the mess that had been created. He quickly started a new slack group and instructed all to switch over to the new group. He proclaimed in a since-deleted post on the @stocks account that the original slack had been hacked by a ‘random guy’ and was essentially under attack. If you’re wondering why he’s saying he got hacked, it’s because he didn’t own the Slack channel. Arya may or may not know this, but Slack has 4 million users and more than $200 million dollars in yearly revenue. A company of this size does not get ‘hacked’ by a day trader. It appears that Arya was unable to set up the Slack and instead asked The Wolf to do it. The Wolf clearly just deleted Arya’s account and locked him out. The Wolf claims that he decided to part ways with Arya because Arya was not paying The Wolf the agreed upon rate. We at 5orry do not know what really happen. It does seem, however, that Arya was quite rattled when The Wolf kicked him out. It’s understandable that he would be rattled, considering that Slack channel was pulling in over 50k a month in revenue. Listen to what Arya had to say

The New ‘Aryastocks’ Slack Channel

A new Slack account was quickly created the same day that THEWOLF announced he was leaving, and the next 48 hours ended up being  confusion for many people who had purchased the @stocks program. The first day of the new Slack account did end up having a live screen share in the morning but it was very brief and throughout the entire day there was a bit of chaos around the status and quality of the discussions.

Other Stock Market Figures Voice their Doubts

There have been a few people talking down on Aryas program and methods, especially among established stock market trading brands and programs. Whichever side you choose to side with, it is factual that Arya does not discuss many technical trading details or history himself, but tends to be the head of the operation that brings it all together.

@stocks Program Future

The value of the program and chat really is based on who is providing the information to the masses, and if a new individual becomes a part of the program then it could be very successful. The potential is there and it is clear that many young people are ready to pay for advice and lessons on how to learn the stock market in order to make a profit trading stocks. It also seams to be proven that many young people will put their trust and money in someone who they might look up to, or has a proven social media influence.

Only time will tell what becomes of Arya Toufanian’s paid @stocks program. There seams to be new some new members involved that are trying to help other members but it may take more that that to prove the purchase value, which are monthly fees. Regardless anyone should be aware there are plenty of groups on the stockTwits platform and even free Facebook groups that discuss stock potential. The @tradingexperts instagram account shown above in the screenshots has a program that is completely free and very informative on how to make money using the stock market. 

Check out Quantum Stock Trading or Stock Market Wolf for some legit programs that have had some great feedback.

Let us know about your own experience with Arya’s stock ‘program’ by reaching out to us, and read an introduction about who Arya Toufanian is right here. Feel free to recommend any other legit programs to us as well.




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