Does Touching Receipts Lower Testosterone? | Is Touching Receipts Bad For You?

We are going to lay out some connections here and expand on them at a later time.

In summary, we are avoiding touching receipts and it seems to be worth the risk without any real inconvenience. The risk of lowering testosterone is a major concern, but the other potential health risks may be even worse.

It is a fact that testosterone levels of men in the US have been declining, steadily each year. No one has explained a true reason for this.

Receipts are made by running a roll of specific paper through a thermal printer, which uses heat instead of ink and a BPA substance as a developer revealing the print on the paper.

BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical that is added to many commercial products and plastics.

BPA is generally accepted to be bad for humans, and has even been banned completely in several countries to some degree.

If BPA enters your body either directly through contact or by indirect contact, it can cause various internal issues, some that we do not even yet understand.

BPA also mimics the structure and function of the hormone estrogen. The two hormones of testosterone and estrogen, that are incredibly important, tend to always be related in internal functions.

Touching receipts with clean hands is said to be even worse, as the absorption is increased.

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