Who is Alexa Dellanos?

On August 9, 2018

Her mother is Myrka Dellanos, who is known as a Latin TV star personality. According to People magazine the surname Dellanos is known for beauty in the family. Alexa Dellanos is a single child and her parents became divorced when she was four years old. Her birthday is on December 30,1993 and she was born in the United States. Her family is of Cuban American heritage.

Her mother was previously in a two year relationship with Luis Miguel, who is a grammy award winning singer. As we previously mentioned Alexa and Alec Monopoly have been spending increasingly more time together and appear to be in a relationship.

Alexa does not currently professionally model as far as we know or even monetize her instagram posts but that may change as her following grows.  You can find her on instagram @alexadellanos.



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