Hot Girls Car Wash Trend Explained With Full Image & Video Gallery

On September 19, 2019

Girls washing cars while wearing bathing suits is a thing, and it has been a thing for some time now. The scenes have been featured in several movies, photoshoots, and real life.

Edit: After doing all of this extensive research, I am just about confident to to say that the hot girl car wash trend was started by the 1967 movie Cold Hand Luke scene featuring Joy Harmon. Video below.

Let’s be honest it was an easy combination… cars and hot girls. Having girls wash the cars is just sort of the magic piece that brings them together.

Anyway, enjoy the images below for now.

The Best Hot Girl Bikini Car Wash Photo Gallery On The Internet:

Instagram / @sexy0581
Instagram / @briyonce_x
Source Unknown / Abigail Ratchford
Instagram / @bmw_club_serbia
Unknown Source
Honda Civic Advertisement
Flickr / Alessio Petrelli
Instagram / @thehashtag_girls
Instagram /

Real Bikini Car Wash Businesses

Are there any actual real bikini car wash locations in the US?

These is this Facebook page for Baywash Bikini Car Wash in Orlando Florida

Bikini Car Wash Movie Scenes

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Dodgeball (2004)

Bad Teacher (2016)

Not really sure what these are:

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