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Kim Kardashian was on Ecstasy When She Made Ray J Tape

On November 27, 2018

Kim Kardashian West made some revealing statements on yesterdays episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She was talking to Scott Disick and her sister in law Kendall Jenner when she revealed some interested facts about her past. She said that she “got married on ecstasy. The first time,” which was when she married a music producer named Damon Thomas in 2000. Kim says she “did ecstasy once and I got married”.

Then she revealed an even more interesting statement by saying that she “did it again, I made a sex tape.” Unless Kim made another sex tape that the world has not seen, then she is referring to the sex tape that many claim to be the single reason that her, and then her entire family, gained fame in the first place. The sex tape was with her then partner Ray J who has also maintained some relevance from the infamous tape but not really since not many know or care what he is up now in 2018.

Kim ended the revealing statements by saying “Like, everything bad would happen”. She may be referring to the choice to make a sex tape or jumping into a marriage too soon but things did not end up too bad for her or her incredibly known and wealthy family.

As far as the 2003 sex tape, she goes on to say “Like, my jaw was shaking the whole time.” Kim was 23 at the time of the Ray J sex tape.

Maybe Kim can reflect on her decisions that she feels regret for by basically blaming ecstasy as the reason. Kim rarely drinks now and is focused on being a mom to her 3 kids.

I definitely went through a wild phase, I would say in my late teens. I’m not like that anymore. But I still have fun — don’t get it twisted, I’m always the life of the party.

Maybe there will be more revealing facts about Kims past in future episodes of Keeping up the the Kardashians, but the very sex tape that started the families rise will forever be a important topic.

The feature photo was from a photoshoot by Juergen Teller of Kim and Kanye.


According to TMZ,  Ray J says that Kim was not on anything during the Sex tape. The source also added that he was offended that she claim to be in a different mind state during the sex tape and ‘down for it’.


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